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One of the great advantages of self-storage units is that they come in a huge range of sizes. This means that there are storage units for every purpose, from storing the entire contents of a 5-bedroomed house to safely storing a few personal belongings. To help decide which size unit is best for your needs, we have compiled these handy home and business storage size guides.

Making the most out of a smaller unit can help keep storage costs down. This article tells you everything you need to know about small storage units and how to make the most of them.

What can you store in a small self-storage unit?

At U Store It, we have units available that start at 9 sq. ft. As a rough guide, this is comparable to a car load of gear. While this might seem diminutive, it is still a practical option for many purposes.

We also have self-storage units that offer 20 and 25 sq. ft of storage. These are versatile units that, thanks to high ceilings, still offer plenty of storage space. To give you an idea of what these sized units can be used for, we have listed some common uses for these sizes of storage units:

Storage for Students

Our 9 sq. ft units are perfect for students going home for the summer vacations. These have plenty of room for storing coursework, books, and a few personal belongings.

It is also a perfect size for archiving a few files or important paperwork. A 9 ft sq. unit will accommodate around 18 file boxes.

Decluttering your home

A popular use of smaller-sized self-storage units is as a means of decluttering your home. Many people use it for this purpose when their home is on the market because a decluttered home looks more appealing to potential buyers.

The type of items that are commonly stored when a unit is used to declutter are:

  • Children’s toys and bicycles
  • Paperwork and books
  • Excess furniture
  • Seasonal clothing

Seasonal Storage

Many people and businesses use smaller-sized self-storage units for seasonal storage. Below are some examples of how a small self-storage unit can be a fantastic seasonal storage solution:

  • Extra stock – Many businesses are subject to large seasonal fluctuations in their stock requirements. For instance, outdoor gear shops may need to stock more wet weather gear in the winter. Alternatively, sports shops may need extra storage in the summer months.
  • They are also frequently used by businesses over the Christmas period for the same purpose.
  • Seasonal Businesses – Many non-retail businesses (for example, Landscape gardeners) need to store tools and equipment for much of the year. A well-organised small unit provides ample storage for many smaller businesses.
  • Seasonal gear at home – Camping gear, bicycles, snowboards & skis, garden furniture, seasonal clothing, and Christmas decorations are just a few examples of how a small self-storage unit can help with seasonal storage demands.

Making the Most out of a Small Self-Storage Unit

1.    Choose a unit of the correct size

It is always tempting to choose the smallest possible size. However, if a unit is too small, it means everything is crammed in tightly, and this can be dangerous, damaging to goods, and make retrieving your gear a nightmare.

Similarly, too large a unit can be wasteful and more costly than necessary.

2.    Use quality packing gear

Using proper sturdy storage boxes allows you to stack your belongings higher and fully utilise the generous 10 ft headroom our self-storage units have. Also, make sure that your belongings are securely packed, and fragile items have plenty of padding. This can help to make sure you can squeeze more into your unit without the risk of breakages.

At U Store It, we have a wide range of competitively priced, high-quality storage boxes and packing supplies.

3.    Box sizes

When storing boxed items, there are a couple of things to consider that can make your storage experience a whole load smoother. Firstly, is the box size. Unless you are boxing large and light items (such as duvets), then avoid using boxes that are too large.

Very large boxes are cumbersome to handle and difficult to stack. They also tend to be heavier, so this increases the risk of a stack collapsing or even injury when you try to retrieve boxes from the top of stacks.

The other main consideration is also to do with box sizes. Try to use the same size of box as much as possible. Doing so makes stacking and organising your unit much easier.

4.    Organise, Organise, Organise!

By far, the simplest way of getting the most from your small storage unit is to be organised! Organising your belongings and how they are placed in the unit can help to maximise the use of your space.

Keeping a “map” of where everything is stored and applying proper labels to boxes is a great start. But more importantly, ensure that belongings that might be frequently required are stored in an easily accessible location. Items that are rarely used can be placed at the back of the unit or the bottom of stacks.

Small is Beautiful!

Sometimes great things come in small packages! At U Store It, we understand that everyone’s storage needs, and budgets differ. That’s why our range of competitively priced smaller storage units means there is a storage solution for every scenario.

Why not contact us today and find out more about our smaller-sized storage units.