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Reputable self-storage companies take great pains to maintain and clean their facilities. When you first access your self-storage unit, it should be immaculately clean.

However, keeping a rented unit clean is important for keeping the stored belongings in the same condition you found them in. To help you protect your valuables, we have compiled a guide to help you clean and organise your storage unit.

Tips for keeping your self-storage unit clean

Self-storage units are perfect for either long or short-term storage needs. For longer-term storage, the importance of ensuring your unit is clean and organised is more important, but the tips and hints listed below can be useful regardless of how long you intend to store your goods.

1.    Start as you mean to go on

Storing gear that is dusty, damp, or dirty will lead to problems. Crumbs, stains, and damp patches can lead to mould, mildew, or even pest infestations. The best advice is to give everything a thorough cleaning before placing it in storage.

With soft furnishings, pay particular attention to “crumb traps”. Crevices down the side of sofas and chairs need particular attention.

A bit of care and attention before placing items in storage is a great way to a happy self-storage experience!

2.    Be selective with what you store

A cluttered storeroom is difficult to work with and keep clean. Before you place anything in storage, it is worth considering whether it is likely to be needed again.

It is easy just to throw that bag off old clothes that have cluttered a wardrobe for years into storage. But are they likely to see the light of day again?

Being selective gives you the chance to re-evaluate what is important and what isn’t. Cutting down on unnecessary storage makes the job of keeping your storage unit clean so much simpler and can save you money by saving on storage space!

3.    Keep a record of what is in storage

This is especially relevant for those looking at longer-term storage. Keeping a simple record of what is in storage and even where it is stored will help keep your unit organised and be of huge benefit when the time comes to retrieve your belongings.

This is particularly important if you don’t intend to retrieve all your belongings at the same time. Knowing which box any particular item is in and where it can be found in the unit will save an enormous amount of hassle when the items are required.

4.    Check and clean your unit periodically

Wherever possible, try and make sure that your unit is checked from time to time and, if necessary, given a quick dust or clean. This ensures that no build-up of dirt or grime is allowed to accumulate.

If this isn’t personally possible, then ask a friend or neighbour to keep an eye on your unit. It doesn’t need to be frequent; a quick visit every couple of months or so will ensure everything is as it should be and give you peace of mind into the bargain.

5.    Use dust sheets and covers

This might seem obvious, but it is surprising how many people omit to use these. This is important for any items that can’t be boxed or otherwise protected. Covering valuables like furnishings keeps dust and grime from accumulating on valuable items.

It is best to use breathable materials for your coverings as this prevents a build-up of dampness that can damage or soil your belongings.

6.    Use a reputable storage company

Most importantly, all the cleaning and organisation in the world won’t help if the rest of the storage facility is unkempt and ill-maintained. The first step to ensuring that your self-storage experience is a happy one is by using a storage company that cares about its customers and their belongings.

Summing Up

A clean, well-organised storage unit will help keep your belongings in perfect condition and make it easier when you need to retrieve your gear.

At U Store It, all our facilities are meticulously maintained and spotlessly clean. Why not contact us today and find out more about our self-storage solutions.