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So now your “baby” is not that little anymore and, this means you will have to redecorate their room. Where to start? Let us help you.

One of the areas of the house that requires a continuous renovation is the room of a young one. Children are continually acquiring new interests and growing fast.

The bedroom for a child of three years will never be the same as that of a child of 10 years. In fact, children from the age of four already have opinions and like to be taken into account when it comes to decorating their world: the bedroom!

There are favourite colours, styles, cartoon characters, games, among other things. If you consider these characteristics, you will have no difficulty creating an environment in which they feel they belong and where they can dream.

But let´s start at the beginning…

Step 1. Get a Storage Unit and take full advantage of it

If you don’t have a storage unit, that´s no problem because you can book one fast. U Store It has seven storage facilities conveniently located throughout Ireland, so there is certainly one near you.

For renovating a kid’s room, you will likely only need a 5×10. If you plan to use it for other items as well, go with a 10×10 for the extra space.

You can book or reserve a unit 24/7 online or stop in at one of our locations, and our friendly staff can help you get the storage unit that best fits your needs.

Changing the “baby” room into a “big kids” room requires some time, planning and space. While you’re acquiring the items for the remodel, use your storage unit to keep everything together, out of the way and safe until the redecorating begins.

Once you are ready to begin the renovation, move all the “baby” stuff to the storage unit, so there is plenty of space to work.

In your self-storage unit you can keep the crib, changing table, walkers, and swings your child has outgrown until you figure out what you’d like to do with it. Maybe keep them if you might think to have another child or even for someone in your family or friends.

Step 2. Choose the right furniture

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money throughout your life furnishing your child’s bedroom, then do not buy too childlike pieces, opt for a versatile style that fits more than one age.

It is there that the little ones spend much of their time. Do not neglect, therefore, anything in their preferred space.

In the children’s bedroom, they interact with activities as different as sleeping, playing and studying. Thus, versatility is the key word when decorating this room.

Concerning the bed, you have two choices. To buy a smaller children’s bed or invest in a singles bed that will last for more years. In either case, you can buy removable protections to avoid falls.

And what you can never miss in a child’s room is storage space! There are toys, books, games, clothes that never seem to have an end … It is essential to think about this aspect from the beginning.

Step 3.  Budget

In these times we are all looking for easy, fast and money-saving decoration solutions, which do not involve significant work at home and their usual inconveniences.

In the bedroom of the younger one, this is even more noticeable, since the room in question, can easily have its decoration “go out of fashion” or fail to suit the child’s age or personal taste.

When remodelling, look for cheap solutions and preferably possible to be carried out by ourselves, without the need to hire the services of a remodelling company.

Step 4. Accessorise

The key phrase here is fitting accessories.

They give the finishing touch but they can also completely alter the overall look of the room.

The decorative elements can be altered according to the children’s preferences at a given moment and, they have the advantage of being more easily replaceable than the furniture.

If you are unsure that your children will keep interest in the decoration for a long time, you can choose basic furniture and decorate the room with accessories that can be substituted without much trouble such as toys, posters, cushions or patterned curtains related to their favourite activities.

One final crucial aspect is to be sure to let them help decide where everything goes and keep them involved from start to finish. It´s their room after all.

If you are ready to begin renovating your child’s bedroom, or any room in your house, book a storage unit and give yourself some space to work and organise. You won’t be sorry you did!