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Having appropriate boxes can save you from a nightmare when moving house. Though incidents can always happen, and damaged goods can be overcome, you certainly wouldn’t want any of your precious belongings to be dented or ruined by avoidable improper packing during the move.

And though you might think that the old method of asking for leftover boxes from the local shops is safe enough, buying the proper transportation boxes is the key for a successful move.

If you put some thought into the process, boxes are dragged, lifted, dropped and stacked multiple times during a move and the constant stress put into them can have its toll on your belongings. Making sure that your goods are suitably packed can be a time consuming process, but it is definitely worth the effort.

And recognising the importance of appropriate packing and box selection, we selected the top 3 main features to look for when finding the right packing boxes for transportation and storage:

1st –Pick The Correct Size

Choosing massive boxes that can fit everything can seem like a bright idea but may actually be a mistake.

Fitting numerous small items in a large box will make them move around and bump during transportation. A smaller box will be easier to stack and pack in a van, but if the item fits too tight in the packaging, it can end up damaged.

A good rule of thumb should be having a margin of around 3 inches to fill with padding material for secure transport and in case of fragile pieces, a bit more to cushion them from impacts.

2nd – Strong and Reliable Materials

Now that size is out of the way, ensuring the boxes can undergo the stress of transportation is the next essential step.

Here is where a small investment can prove to be profitable. Buying good quality packing materials can save you money by preventing transportation damage.

Fragile items should always get a good padding of foam or bubble wrap and for more substantial equipment, picking up thicker heavy-duty carton boxes is the right way to go since they provide improved support for transportation.

In terms of box materials, there are two types you should be looking into:

  • Paperboard, a lightweight material that can be printable. Useful for smaller hardware, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, etc.
  • Corrugated, a flexible but supportive and reliable packaging. Ideal for heavy or fragile pieces, shipping cartons, e-commerce parcels, and others.

Though choosing which one to use is ultimately decided by your specific requirements, we suggest opting for the most robust boxes available to avoid any risks.

Extra: Ensuring the structural integrity of the box before you start transportation can save you from an accident-prone transport.

3rd – The Quantity

This should be decided by how many things you have to move and how large they are.

As a ballpark figure, moving items from 1 or 2 rooms normally takes somewhere between 20 and 25 boxes of various sizes. In the case of moving 7 to 8 rooms, for example, that would require around 90 to 100 boxes.

If you don’t have any idea yet and wish to get a figure to start gathering boxes, you can use an online “moving box calculator”. Set up your particular characteristics and get an approximation on how many boxes you will need.

Extra: if you can’t unpack everything when you are settling in your new place but wish to keep those belongings safe, a great solution is to use the services of your local self-storage facility.

A self-storage unit is an excellent option to keep your items safely stored for as long as you need and since you already have them packed it’s a hassle-free no brainer. U Store It is Ireland’s largest Self Storage provider, with multiple branches nationwide, so if you are in need of extra space, you should definitely consider renting a self-storage unit. We can also arrange transportation to our facilities through one of our trusted removal partners who we recommend for your home removals.

Having all the key elements in mind, it is now time for you to start packing and move your stuff to your new home. And if you are still with some safe transportation concerns, you are welcome to get in touch with us at U Store It and seek our help for packing, moving or storing your cherished items.