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Self-storage units are the ideal solution for anyone considering a home renovation. Of course, it would be great to avoid these extra costs at a time when we are already spending a fortune on the renovation, but unless we are lucky enough to live in a huge home with plentiful space (to store all of our items) we are going to feel somewhat cramped and possibly stressed trying.

Self-storage doesn’t have to be expensive, though, especially on a short-term basis. Most renovations are generally completed within a three-month period, so short term storage might be the perfect solution for your lack of storage space problem.

The pros of self-storage during a home renovation!

    • First and foremost, it offers the much-needed space to enable the job to get done quickly and efficiently.
    • It’s ideal for protecting your treasured possessions during the renovation process. With lots of construction work being carried out during this time, at least you have peace of mind knowing your things are stored safely away.
    • Reduces stress- there is nothing more stressful than living on a construction site, and what makes it even worse is if there is no space to move, let alone breathe. If you are planning on living at home during the renovation, it’s probably better to use self-storage units to free up some space.
    • Going over schedule- if the renovation happens to take longer than initially thought because let’s face it; these things happen! You can always extend your storage time by a month or two.
    • Moving items around the home during a renovation can be hard work especially if it’s a kitchen or lounge where we have heavy and large items such as kitchen appliances and furniture, rather than keep breaking your back to make the room, it’s probably best to move it out one time and then move it back in once you are done!
    • Make the space safe: as well as storing items in order to protect them, we have to consider protecting ourselves, storing lots of items at home during the renovation is extremely hazardous, especially if we have young children around so it’s probably best to remove things rather than pile box loads of items and furniture in the rooms we will be living in during the renovation process.
    • Finally, make some cash! While the things are in storage, you have the option to sort and sell, something which may be difficult to do it stored at home with limited space!