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Ireland’s hospitality industry is a booming economy generating an estimated Three billion euro annually.

The focus predominantly is to maintain a thriving industry, and to do this effectively there has to be customer satisfaction as well as organised and suitable working environments for staffs.

Anyone who works in the hospitality industry will know how difficult it can be to ensure the premises are appealing and attractive for customers to return time and time again, as well trying to establish a working environment that runs smoothly and efficiently in order for staff to carry out work duties effectively. The key to this is simply organisation! If a work environment has good storage solutions, it’s less likely to cause hiccups. We want to eliminate frustrated staff, and unhappy customers (due to messy surroundings) and optimising storage space is a great place to start.

Hospitality storage space!

A key area to address is the hospitality storage solutions; if designed efficiently it can work more effectively for employees, it’s the ideal way to eliminate stressful working environments where staff have to tackle unpractical and even perhaps unsafe tasks in order to get the job done.

Modernisation may be needed to tackle the issue of outdated storage options that haven’t had a revamp in decades. The key is to speed up the staff’s work process while enhancing a more competent and desirable setting for customers during their stay.

Not only will a new design to tackle storage space be more effective, but it will also be the perfect way to upgrade with regards to health and safety. No business wants any unnecessary lawsuits on their hands due to accidents at work that could have easily been avoided!

Seasonal storage!

Many hotels and B&Bs accumulate a lot of stuff due to seasonal trends, of course, we all want our businesses to thrive and stand up against the competition, but what happens when the occasion is over? What do we do with all this extra stuff?

External storage is a great way to tackle this issue, and it can be used long-term. Let’s think about the amount of stuff accumulated on each occasion; we have Weddings, engagements, seminars, Halloween, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Bonfire night, Mothers day, Fathers Day and Easter as well as summer fates where many hotels and B&Bs will want to put on displays to mark the occasion and attract guests. Over the years and due to growing trends, these displays may increase in size or become more extravagant in order to live up to the competition. Once the occasion is over, many of which are extremely short-lived, we have the hassle of finding storage to pack these items away for next year. In busy hotels, it may be difficult to find any extra storage space to accommodate these items, and that’s where self-storage may become your new best friend!

Short-term solutions!

For short term storage solutions and to maximise and optimise space there is a choice of using a mobile Storage and Racking system. These systems are great for maximising storage space for baggage and other possessions that require storing close to front desks or reception areas and necessitate swift and effortless access.

This type of shelving can be quickly adjusted to create either more or less storage space as when required! It also has other perks whereas hanging rails and shelving to suit large or small items can be installed for more or less headroom plus safety rails and rods to ensure utmost security and protection for staff and client.