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Truth is we could all do with some extra storage space at home! If we’ve got babies, they tend to take over the house, ask any parent! Then they grow into kids and accumulate even more stuff and then there is the rest of us and let’s face it most of us do become a bit of a hoarder (over the years), even the best de-clutterers amongst us will still accumulate something.

So, what do we do? We store our items of treasured possessions (or maybe not always!) anywhere and everywhere! If we have a garage those days of housing a car is quickly diminished as hoards of stuff generates, same for conservatories; we have them for extra living space, but that quickly turns into chaos as I’m sure many would agree? And then there is the issue of the spare room (if indeed we are lucky enough to have one) which rapidly becomes the “clutter room”, sound familiar?

Ok, so what are our options?

  • Carry on living in chaos, not the perfect option!
  • Buy a bigger home, if we can afford it, perfect!
  • Extension add-ons, again costly but effective for extra space.
  • Self-storage, cheaper alternative, creates space and takes away the stress, simple!

Businesses have already seen the benefits of using this method of storage and are taking full advantage of using it. When you think about the amount of stock, documents, equipment and other paraphernalia that can accumulate at business premises, it’s no surprise really that they seek some other outside source to help with storage solutions. It’s the ideal way to free up some valuable space within the work environment, it’s better for employees both mentally and physically, and it’s also safer when we don’t have heaps of hazardous stuff lying around.

At home, you may be thinking, well what exactly do I need self-storage for? What can I store safely? What actually needs storing? Is it worth it?

To give you some sort of an idea, let’s see if any of this resonates with you?

  • Frantically making space for a new baby.
  • College/Uni student coming home with all their belongings.
  • De-cluttering to sell a home.
  • Kids clutter either present or past after leaving home.
  • Divorce and wanting to remove any reminders of past life and memories.
  • Downsizing and a need for storing all that extra stuff.
  • House clearance following the death of a loved one.

Those are just a few examples as to why you might benefit from self-storage, even if that need is only temporary until you can get something sorted. It may be that you require extra time to sort through things but need a storage solution sharply. It could be that you have items you would rather keep and prefer not to get rid of and are looking for some long-term storage solutions. Whatever your requirements are, self-storage is great for anyone in need! It’s affordable, it’s assessable, it’s efficient, and it’s convenient, check it out!