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It’s getting close to that time of year again when our thoughts are turning to the chore of spring cleaning. With the dark days of winter drawing to a close, we all want our houses to look as bright as the summer days to come.

If this is the year that you intend to “deep clean” your home or freshen it up with a coat of paint, then a self-storage unit can help make the task a whole lot easier.

With storage units available from a few Euros per week and for as short a period as two weeks, a self-storage unit is a convenient and cost-effective way to make sure your spring clean is completed quickly.

Read on to find out the benefits of using self-storage to help with your spring cleaning.

Benefits of using self-storage when spring cleaning

Whether you are planning to move home, do some major decorating, or just want to lavish some deserved care and attention on your home, spring cleaning can be a major hassle.

Much of the time we spend on the task is wasted simply by the need for often shuffling bulky items from room to room as the task progresses. This is one of the major benefits of using a self-storage unit:

1.    Create much-needed space

One of the logistical issues that can hamper spring cleaning or decorating is the constant hassle of shifting furniture about to create the room you need. This is time-consuming, and the quicker the job is done, the quicker you can sit back and enjoy the Irish summer.

By offering a clean, dry, and secure environment, a self-storage unit can provide the perfect answer. Simply move your furniture and any other clutter into your unit, and the task of spring cleaning is already a whole lot easier.

2.    Security

It can be tempting to move bulky items out into the garden shed or garage. But these generally have little security.

At U Store It, all our facilities are protected by multi-layers of security that includes:

  • Internal and external CCTV
  • Alarms at each facility and individually alarmed units
  • Pin code entry system with pin codes only valid for the rental period
  • The ability to use your own padlocks on your unit
  • A computerised log of all building occupants at any given time
  • An automatic notification system that alerts staff if anyone tries to access a unit other than their own

3.    Keep valuable belongings safe

The other downside of having to work around valuable items and furnishings is the risk that they will get chipped, paint-splattered, or otherwise damaged. By moving them to a self-storage unit for the duration of the task, you are guaranteed that your decorating or spring cleaning won’t end up costing you more than you bargained for.

All our units are well-maintained, dry, and clean, so you can be certain that your valuables will be exactly as you left them when the time comes to retrieve your goods from storage.

4.    Self-storage is a cost-effective solution

Whether it is a task you are undertaking yourself or are getting contractors in to do the job for you, a self-storage unit can save you money. For instance, if you hire people to decorate or a specialised cleaning company, then chances are they are going to charge an hourly rate.

With self-storage units costing from a couple of Euros per day, it doesn’t take long for this cost to be saved simply by having contractors waste time because they constantly have to stop and shift stuff.

Even if you are doing all the work yourself, savings can be made. Simply speeding up the time taken to complete the project and also by negating the possibility of costly damages, a self-storage unit can save you money.

5.    It’s convenient

U Store It has facilities dotted throughout Ireland, so wherever you live, there is a storage facility within easy reach. All our units are open during normal business hours, and if you need access outside these hours, that can be arranged too!

Loading is made easy too. All our units have covered loading bays and ample car parking. There are also trolleys and packaging materials available to help make sure your gear is safely transported and protected in storage.

Tips for making the most of self-storage

Now that you know the benefits of using self-storage to help with your spring cleaning let’s look at a few tips to help you make the most of your unit.

  1. Organise – The key to making a self-storage unit work for you is to ensure that you organise your storage space well. This starts in the home with a good labelling scheme that details the content of each box. It is also important to label boxes etc., in such a way that the label will be visible in storage, i.e. don’t slap it on the bottom of the box! (It happens!)

It is also good practice to store belongings in an order that makes the goods you want to retrieve first are easily accessible.

  1. Make sure you order the right size of unit – Too small and all your belongings might not fit, too large and you end up paying for a unit you don’t need. If you need any help choosing the right size unit, we are always here to help make sure that your unit is the perfect size; why not contact us and have a chat with one of our storage experts.
  2. Stack your items properly – Always stack heavy boxes at the bottom and lighter stuff on the top. This prevents the nasty shock of finding a collapsed jumble of belongings instead of the nice, neat stack you began with!


Self-storage is a versatile solution that makes spring cleaning or decorating an absolute breeze and doesn’t cost the earth. Whether you need a unit for a couple of weeks or long-term, large or small, at U Store It, we can help.

Why not contact us today and discover more about how a self-storage unit can smooth the way to a house that sparkles in the summer sun.