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Routines have changed massively in recent times, there’s no denying that, but we all have to adjust. 

Having to stay at home all day can be quite challenging. Most people are trying to find things to do to keep themselves occupied and doing some DIY work seems to be a popular choice.

For the majority of our lives, we moan about not having enough time to get things done in the house. Now, we finally have plenty of time to do it.

For people who are used to living such busy lives having all of this extra free time may be hard to deal with, so instead of dwelling on the situation, here are some handy tips to help keep you motivated:

  •  Clean until your heart’s content

It may sound like the logical thing to do but giving your home a good old clean is not only useful for keeping everything sanitised, it’s also good for the mind and spirit.

Cleaning our homes often makes us feel better and uplifts our wellbeing. So now that we have all of this free time, it’s the ideal time to do a massive deep clean and get our homes gleaming again. If you live in an apartment, you might be able to get this done in one day; however, bigger homes may require a bit more time.

Why not space out cleaning chores and give yourself something to do every day? You could write a to-do list and tick off jobs as you go along. It also provides us with a sense of achievement when we do that.

And since we have so much time right now, this is the ideal moment to tackle tasks we tend to do less often, like getting everything cleaned outside if you have a patio or garden.

  • Declutter

The thought of decluttering often fills us with dread, mainly because it’s something that tends to drag on, and once we start, it seems like a never-ending task. However, now we can take our time and do it slowly.

Start by tackling areas that haven’t been seen for a very long time like the back of the storage cupboard, your wardrobes or even the garage if you’re feeling motivated enough.

Make some piles with throwaways, donations, things to sell, items you still want to keep but will later be placed into a storage unit, and place them aside so once things get back to normal, you’ll have stuff organised and ready to go.

It’s surprising what a good declutter does. It may bring some joy as you relive old memories and it will also create some extra space which may be necessary right now, especially if you live in a busy household.

  • Transform a room to enjoy those activities you are missing

Even if we are all stuck at home at the moment, it doesn’t mean that we cannot enjoy the activities that we used to do.

For instance, fitness and gym enthusiasts are most likely missing their days at the gym. But being at home doesn’t have to stop you from doing all of that. It just means that you have to get a little more creative and rethink how you can do these things now. 

Transforming an unused room into a gym, if possible, may help you to restart your workout routine and help with boredom too. 

Soon, things will start to go back to normal, and the best thing we all can do in times like these is to try to make the most of our time.