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Having the kids at home full time is excellent, although it can sometimes be challenging, especially when trying to find ways to keep them entertained.

They have their TV’s, computers, phones, game consoles, but it cannot be all they do and let’s face it, after some time they get bored with all that too. So, finding creative activities that can keep them engaged is vital.

Crafts are always a fun activity for kids to participate in at home. And being creative and sustainable at the same time is even more rewarding and teaches kids a lot. With that in mind, we have come up with some engaging, fun, creative and sustainable activities that kids could enjoy at home with their families.


  • Cardboard dolls houses and playhouses

It’s time to start raiding the garage and pull out all of those cardboard boxes and empty packaging to turn them into something wonderful. Dolls houses are always a great deal of fun for kids, and cardboard boxes can make strong foundations for a DIY dolls house. Kids can have loads of fun, cutting out windows and doors, building stairs and rooms and decorating it all afterwards. 

And if you are feeling even more adventurous and have enough boxes lying around, you could go a step further and create a whole playhouse for them to play in instead. It is very environmentally friendly, and when playtime is over, it can all be sent to the recycling bin.


  •  Cardboard box toys

Kids love to make things to play with out of absolutely anything. Did you know that you can make lots of fun toys out of a simple cardboard box. 

Most kids prefer to play with the boxes anyway. We all know that expression “I spend a fortune on this expensive toy for my kids, and they’d rather just play with the box.”  

You may as well allow them to make some fun things to play with using boxes such as Wrestling rings, bowling alleys, dinosaurs etc. you name it, let their imagination run wild. 


  • Cardboard dressing up

You can make some awesome fancy dress costumes out of cardboard boxes. Have a go at making some princess crowns, fairy wings, knights costumes, dinosaur heads etc. and there are plenty more ideas available online, particularly on Pinterest.


  • Stationery and organising

If your kids have a desk at home, with lots of stationery lying around, you can create some useful accessories to tidy things up. Toilet roll holders or kitchen roll holders (when glued and stacked together) make great holders for pens, pencils, rulers etc. and kids can have hours of fun making them look pretty. 

You can also make DIY card boxes for creating extra storage solutions to help declutter and organise your home contents.


  • Cardboard Art

You can create some lovely unique pieces of art out of cardboard. Faux stag heads are a popular addition to home decor at the moment. These are incredibly easy to make using cardboard so cut expenses and DIY them with your kids instead.