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Lent is upon us.  The pressure is building. What will you give up?  Chocolate?  Alcohol ? Television?  Those are all very painful things to do without.  On the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, we clear out the cupboards and use up all of the ingredients for cakes and biscuits.  That’s the reasoning behind Pancake Tuesday here and Mardi Gras in other places.  Use up all of the tempting stuff quick before Ash Wednesday.  But what if you took that clear out beyond the kitchen presses?  What if you started with the flour and sugar, and kept going?  You could give up your aul’ clutter for Lent.

Start in the kitchen.  After you make those pancakes, have a look around to see what is lurking back there.  Most us have a few out of date things in the back of the press taking up space.  Bin them!  Wash out and recycle those ancient, empty spice jars.

Toss that open packet of stale biscuits that disappointed you so much.  That herbal tea that tastes like lawn clippings?  Get to grips with the fact that your desire to be healthier is not as strong as your desire to never, ever taste that stuff again.

Create Space in Your Kitchen

And then take a very deep breath.  It’s time to ask yourself some hard questions about your kitchen gadgets.  Start with the duplicates.  You got that juicer, and you used it twice because it is a pain to clean.  So you got that better juicer, which you also used twice.  It’s time to let go of the first juicer.   

Think about what functions you actually want and use and how many different gadgets you have that do those things.  Just eliminating duplication can create a lot of space in your kitchen presses, and it’s relatively painless.

What else is in there?  Mugs you never use?  Multiple picnic baskets when you might go on one picnic a year?  A giant roasting pan you use every other Christmas?  An assortment of gadgets you hoped would inspire you to eat only homemade, organic whole foods?  Be ruthless.  

If you don’t use it often but do need it, does it really need to be in the kitchen press?  Can you box it up and store it elsewhere?  Why not put the dishes you only use at Christmas away with your Christmas things?  After all, Easter is coming and you want to have lots of space to store those chocolate eggs.

If you are planning on cleaning out the clutter for lent, we have many types of storage units available. Why not get in touch with us today.