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If you’ve ever gone looking for a home, you’ll know that estate agents use the formula “number of real bedrooms + one” to promote the number of bedrooms a home has. That “plus one” space is invariably described as a “bedroom,” despite being far too tiny to accommodate a bed. Many people refer to it as their “box room” since they frequently store their belongings in boxes there. It’s just a glorified storage facility.

However, your unused space might be put to better usage! Below are 11 solutions you can do with your extra room that isn’t storage related.

Home office

Arguably the most common idea, however if you frequently work from home, having your own home office is a wonderful idea. All you need is a desk, comfy chair, computer and printer to be able to get the job done. The best part is that you can lock the door and adequately “switch off” at the end of the day.

Workout space     

Summer exercise is relatively straightforward since you can go on long walks outside yet exercising and staying healthy in the winter months may be something a bit more difficult to do. You can work out all year in the comfort of your own home if you transform that extra room into a mini gym by just buying a treadmill, exercise bike or rowing machine and a set of free weights. The money you invest on equipment will be compensated by the money you save on gym fees.

Craft room

Do you consider yourself to be a creative individual? Do your significant other whines about stumbling over your equipment or give you an intimidatory look in the exact moment you take home another bag of craft supplies? Utilising your spare room as a craft room will provide you with a relaxing environment to work on your hobbies.

Reading room

Book lovers jump for joy: why not turn your spare room into your own personal library?  Having complete shelves built over the height of your walls, and adding a comfy chair, a standing lamp and a side table for your cup of coffee or tea will make you spend countless hours just relaxing while reading your favourite books.


If you have little children, your home is likely to be filled with brightly coloured plastic. Use your spare room as a playroom packed with your kid’s toys instead of wasting time tidying up the living room at the end of each day. Install a comfortable chair for yourself, or at the very least a thick carpet on which you can lounge out and spend some lovely time with your kids without worrying about the chaos.

Relaxation spot

Perhaps, you like to relax with the help of yoga and meditation. If that’s the case, clean and declutter the room, put down a mat, paint your space in neutral colours, and add a few carefully picked plants to create a relaxing atmosphere. If there’s space, add a beanbag or futon, and you’ve got the perfect location to unwind.

Home cinema

Why not turn your extra room into a mini cinema with a huge Tv (or, if you’re really into it, a projector and screen, with surround sound), a comfortable sofa, and a table for snacks for pleasant nights in?

Music room

You might turn your spare room into a music room if you like listening to music or playing an instrument. Depending on how close your home is to your neighbours, you may want to consider insulating it so that you may relax and listen to music without disturbing others.

Ironing room

Indeed, this is tedious. However, having an ironing board in a room with a television or radio may make ironing a little easier than normal. Add a clothing rail and lots of hangers so you’ll have a place to store your freshly ironed clothing as soon as they’re finished.

Walk-in closet

You’ll free up so much room in your bedroom if you add a full-length mirror and fitted closets for your clothing, shoes, and accessories to this spare room. This way you’ll have plenty of space to try on things and pick your outfits.

Game room

If you like to gather your friends and family and play card and board games, darts and so on, you could create a room where this comes to life. A room with the purpose of fun. Ensure the room has enough lighting and space for a round table and chairs as well as some shelves to place all the board games.

Now, we’ve given you some inspiration on how better make use of your extra room, you’ll need to declutter it and take away any existing boxes and other stored stuff. Your extra possessions that don’t fit anywhere else in the house might be stored in self-storage to keep them clean and secure. You’ll still have access to them whenever you need them, but they won’t be wasting valuable space in your home.

After you’ve decluttered your spare room, it’ll be like a blank canvas, waiting for you to fill it with something fresh and giving it an entirely new purpose