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Self-storage is increasingly popular for both individuals and businesses. For businesses, the advantages of using self-storage are multifold. Rising costs and market uncertainties mean businesses must adapt to challenging circumstances.

One method that many businesses are using to reduce overheads is using self-storage. This blog looks at how business storage can help businesses store their furniture and save costs into the bargain!

Self-Storage: A Cost-Effective and Versatile Business Solution

Commercial premises are expensive. Tying up expensive real estate to store excess furnishings is not an effective use of resources. This is where a self-storage unit can step in and take the strain.

Here are five of the many reasons why self-storage is the perfect solution for business furniture storage.

1.    It is a cost-effective solution

We already touched on this, but perhaps the biggest advantage of using self-storage for excess furniture storage is the cost savings.

Commercial properties have many associated overheads. Mortgage or rental costs, business, rates, insurance, and upkeep, all these factors add to your overheads. Self-storage can hugely reduce these in one fell swoop. Self-storage costs are restricted to one rental payment. (Taking out extra insurance to cover your stored belongings is recommended.)

2.    Self-storage is incredibly versatile

Whether you need storage for a few weeks or a few years, a self-storage unit is available for as long or as short a period as you need. But this is just the beginning; here are some more ways that self-storage can help:

  • Size – Need to store a few bulky items? No problem, self-storage has it covered. Or perhaps you need to store the entire furnishings of a redundant office – self-storage has the solution. This versatility in both duration and size are two of the great benefits of using self-storage
  • Multi-purpose – A self-storage unit is perfect not just for office furnishings but for documents, tools & equipment, stock, and much more!
  • Scalable – Storage needs can change over time, and your unit can be scaled up or down to account for this. This means you never have to pay for storage that you don’t need.

The versatility of self-storage is one of the main reasons that more and more businesses are turning to self-storage.

3.    Self-storage is convenient

Convenience is another great asset of self-storage. For instance, at U Store It, we can provide 24/7 access to your stored items. We are open during normal office hours and Saturday mornings. Access outside of these times is easily arranged.

We can also supply high-quality boxes and packaging materials to keep your furnishings in prime condition.

Additionally, we also make it easy to handle and store your furnishings. Each facility has covered loading bays and trolleys – we can even sign for deliveries!

4.    Security is key!

Placing your expensive furnishings in self-storage gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing your valuable belongings are as safe as possible. Reputable self-storage companies like U-Store-It will provide multi-layered systems that include:

  • Manned onsite security 7 days a week
  • 24-hour alarm monitoring
  • CCTV
  • Use your own padlock to secure your unit
  • Unique pin code access for each unit

Self-storage units offer levels of security that are outwith the reach of most small-to-medium businesses. The peace of mind that this offers is another huge benefit of self-storage.

5.    Location

Self-storage is only a practical option when your storage unit is within a reasonable distance of your business premises. Again, this is where a company like U Store It can help. With facilities throughout Ireland and Belfast, no matter where your business is, we have a facility that is conveniently placed to help your business!

This adds an extra layer of convenience to an already convenient storage solution for your business.

Self-Storage: The Perfect Partner for the Modern Business

It is no wonder that businesses are increasingly turning to self-storage for many of their storage needs. Excess and bulky furnishings can safely and conveniently be stored without taking up valuable and costly offices or workspaces.

At U Store It, we are committed to providing self-storage solutions that are tailored to meet your needs exactly. Contact us today to find out more about how self-storage can help your business.