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As a responsible adult, you should always look for ways to ensure that your elderly parents are well taken care off, the same way they did while you were a child. And as they grow older, you may ask them to move in with you so they can spend the last phase of their lives in the presence of their family.

Although this is a beautiful gesture by itself which attests to the timeless and unconditional love between you and your parents, you also need to practically analyse and examine the space you want to bring your parents into and if that’s enough for them or not.

Moving in by itself can be a stressful event for your aged parents, and it must be handled with utmost care and concern. Self-storage plays a major role in helping them move in and settle down in a new environment while causing the least amount of distress and discomfort.

Moving and packing – selecting which items to keep or to let go:

The moving process can be a taxing and time-consuming affair, both for you and your parents. Your parents will most probably choose to pack the items of their own choice, which they want to carry along with themselves. They can take help from you or any other family member for packing and reallocating boxes.

If you are helping them with the move, make sure to hire a moving company or invite friends and family for extra sets of hands.

That said if you don’t have time for the lengthy moving process, you can always hire professional packers and movers who handle all the aspects of the moving process themselves, under your parent’s guidance. Additionally, they also provide customised packing options. Considering the stress and time involved in moving from one location to another, it’s best to commission the job to professional packagers and movers.

Also, make sure you have a detailed conversation with your parents on what to pack and what to do away with for good. Large furniture, other collectables, and personal belongings which are not that important can be sold or donated.

Advantages of using Self-storage to ship the excess belongings that are important to keep:

Most items in your parent’s possession serve their basic need and requirement or carry a sentimental and emotional value. In that case, they will need to be shipped to your place. These items may vary in size and scale and have to be packed and cared for accordingly. To that end, self-storage units are very useful and convenient for storing away all those prised antiquities, mementoes and family heirlooms that they want to keep but occupy too much space in your home.

Self-storage units provide the perfect alternative and storage solution in a safe and secure environment to keep your parent’s belongings in the best possible conditions. They can be used to store anything— from small personal items to large furniture.

They come with benefits like climate and temperature control, with 24-hour surveillance and protection.

Prepping the home and creating a space just for them:

Before welcoming your parents to your home, it is important that you remodel your house to create a beautiful, quaint place for them where they can relax and enjoy your company in peace.

While changing the overall construction might be difficult and unaffordable, providing them with their own bedroom and personal bathroom is sufficient for starters. You can also design the bathroom, keeping in mind the needs and medical conditions of your parents and what would be best suited for them.

However, if you want to go above and beyond to design their space, you can always do that by experimenting with your space and seeing what arrangements work best for both of you.

Summing up:

Although moving in with your elderly parents might seem like a long and strenuous process, you can always make it easy on them by following the above tips and instructions. You must make sure that moving in and settling down at your place is a smooth and painless transition for them.

Giving them the best facilities, treatment, and the opportunity to spend their remaining lives in the comfort of your company is truly the best thing you can do for your parents.