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Self-storage is a type of service that can significantly improve the productivity in an office. This is because it is a space-aggregating service, which allows more comfort and well-being to the employee’s daily routine, as well as savings in square meters of business headquarters.

How can self-storage be good for my business?

If a protected location that optimises your company’s physical space is still not enough to convince you that self-storage is a good idea, here are some of its key benefits:

Increased productivity

Clearing some areas inside the company can guarantee employees a more comfortable routine away from that “heap” of objects. The accumulation of documents, for example, over time only hinders the performance of employees.

Keeping only what is necessary for the company’s physical space guarantees an organized, clean and pleasant environment for those who work on the premises on a daily basis. People will be better accommodated, and it will still be possible to allocate new furniture and work objects.

Guaranteed Security

Often, we store objects and documents in inappropriate places inside the company, and we don´t clean or organize them properly.

Problems such as the presence of fungi, mites, and moths; and increased humidity in rainy seasons can ruin those items. Imagine essential documents lost due to poor conservation! In self-storage, this will not happen as the storage space is quite safe and protected.

We have extensive monitoring services, 24-hour security, and fire or flood insurance on all of our U Store It facilities. It is worth emphasizing that only the contractor and authorized persons have access to the unit. That is, whatever you put in your storage space will be safe, clean and organized for when you need access to them.

Greater practicality

You can book only the necessary space for what you need to keep.

It is much more practical than getting a room just for this, as other costs and bureaucracies may arise.

Easy access

Access to the storage units is free. The client saves his key and can enter and exit at any time to consult the belongings or even to store some more. There is no time limit for accessing belongings throughout the day or week.

Access hours are also flexible. And you don´t even need to schedule visits.

Easy organisation

You can organise the documents in boxes, label and identify them for easy access when you need to consult them again.

Renewing space brings better energies to the work environment. Cleanliness and organization are always welcome. Improvising storage can be much costlier in the face of bad implications than booking adequate space in a self-storage facility. If your company headquarters is moving or needs more space, U Store It business document storage solutions can be the perfect option for your extra storage space needs.