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When it comes to managing your business documents, you have two main options to choose from: either do it yourself and store the documents in a Ustoreit facility or alternatively, draft in the help of a document archive management company. By delving a little deeper into the world of document storage space, you can make an informed decision on which of these two options suit your business best.

What are the regulations around document storage?

New legislation requires businesses to store all documents as evidence, should they be required at a later date. According to BS15489 (a UK spec, but followed by document archive management companies in Ireland), all information used by an organisation in the transaction of business or the pursuance of legal obligation needs to be stored for as long as it has value. Once the document no longer has value, it has to be securely destroyed. Other sectors are also affected by these regulations and requirements, such as financial and medical organisations.

Every single document (paper and electronic) needs to be stored securely in the event that it is required in the future. This has caused many organisations to seriously consider how they store their documents in a safe and secure manner. Organisations are quickly becoming aware that they need the ability to quickly and easily retrieve historical information.

How can my company adhere to document storage regulations?

In order to comply with the above, your company needs to follow a few simple steps, whether you have opted for DIY document storage or document archive management. Firstly, always be consistent with the way in which documents are stored, managed and maintained. It is also vital that only authorized personnel have access to your company’s documents. Your documents should be stored in a secure environment that protects against water, fire and intruders. Finally, ensure that there is a full audit trail of all actions carried out, including records of documentation that have been destroyed.

What is the difference between DIY document storage and document archive management?

As the name suggests,DIY document storage allows you to do it yourself, giving you complete control over your company’s document management. Only you and your most trusted employees have access to the storage room which contains all of your important information. With DIY document storage, you are able to access your storage room whenever necessary to retrieve documents or add new ones.

An alternative to DIY document storage is full document archiving management which provides far greater levels of security by restricting direct access to your documents.  The company’s staff will categorise your documents on your behalf, retrieving and bringing documents to you as and when required. So although an advantage to very large public organisations, it dramatically increases the costs and reduces the flexibility for smaller companies.

How can DIY document storage benefit my business?

The document storage service provided by Ustoreit is a low cost option which puts you in complete control of your important business documents.

However, with DIY document storage, you only pay for the space. You have complete control at all times. You bring your items, pack them, lock them away and keep the key. You can be assured that your business is the only party which can access your confidential documents. By allowing another company to access and manage your documents, you are required to place a great amount of trust in the employees of a third party.