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Many business owners that need to store products or stock will immediately think about leasing/buying warehouse space. In some cases this makes perfect sense, but for many others, there is a better alternative, which is not only a great deal cheaper but also has many additional benefits over fixed leases – think business self-storage!

So, if you need to store products or goods and need less than 1,000 sq.ft. then this article is for you!

Let’s look at how business self-storage stacks up against leasing warehouse space based on various aspects:

1) Commercial Self Storage Is Cheaper!

Leasing warehouse space on a long-term basis sounds like the cheapest option, but self-storage on a massive 500 sq.ft. unit costs only €620/month all-in (see next point). That means less than €7,500 for the full year, and you’ll pay as much or more for the lease alone on a warehouse.

Don’t need 500 sq.ft.? No problem, you can choose from units as small as a locker for only €28/month (useful for reps on the road to store demo products or samples) or €65/month for a 25 sq.ft. unit.

2) Commercial Self Storage Is A Flat All-In Cost

If you lease a warehouse then you may be subject to additional costs that would include rates, electricity, insurance, etc. With business self storage you simply pay the flat monthly fee and you don’t have to worry about anything else.

3) Commercial Self Storage Has No Nasty Contracts

You might need to store some goods for as little as a week or indefinitely. Whichever it is, if you then want to move out or you find a better offer, you’re not tied down to onerous penalty clauses, you simply give us a week’s notice and you can move out care-free. So don’t worry about finding short term warehouse space or what you’ll do if you no longer need the warehouse space in future, business self storage provides the simplicity you need.

4) Commercial Self Storage For More Flexibility

Let’s imagine that you think you are going to need 500 sq.ft. In a few months, but today you only need 100 sq.ft., with a warehouse you’d have to take the size you need and hope that all goes to plan. With business self storage you book what you need when you need it and add space accordingly.

Also, if things don’t go to plan and in a month or two you only need 25 sq.ft. you can also downsize immediately.

This maximises your cash-flow and funds not to mention stress levels.

5) Commercial Self Storage Help When It’s Needed

You have a delivery coming to your warehouse but you’re not there, what do you do? With commercial self storage that’s not a problem because the office staff will accept the delivery for you and put it in our temporary holding unit for you to collect within 24 hours.

The same goes if you have someone coming to collect an item. Simply liaise with our on-site staff and we’ll release the goods for you.

These are just a couple of simple examples of how our on-site staff can be of assistance and it’s all included in the price!

6) Commercial Self Storage For Security

If you own your warehouse space, you are going to have to fit an alarm or at least pay for alarm monitoring. If you need it, you’ll have to add CCTV and if security is critical then you might even add mobile patrols to check the site on a regular basis.

In this regard, we can only speak for our own self-storage facilities (U Store It), but all of that is included for your monthly fixed cost. Additionally, the only way to get in is via reception during the day or using your own unique access code outside normal working hours. Every unit is locked by you and has its own alarm.

So with business self storage you enjoy better security!
By now you’ve probably realised that unless you are looking for anything over 1000 sq.ft. in warehouse space, business self storage is the answer to your needs. Lower all-in costs, greater flexibility, no erroneous contracts and excellent security all add up to a whole lot of sense!

If you need self storage for your business visit our commercial self storage page or get a quote now.