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We will endeavour to outline in an independent manner, all you need to know about self-storage and what to look for when you are selecting a service from a provider.

What is Self-Storage?

A Self-Storage facility allows the user to avail of a storage container or storage unit for their own personal use. Typically, the customer will bring, pack or wrap their items to be stored at the facility itself. They can provide their own lock and key, or can be issued with them on site. This allows the customer to come and go as they please without having to get a key from someone else.

What is Self-Storage used for?

Storage facilities can be used for a number of purposes. Home storage is particularly common as it allows users to store items that may be seasonal (Christmas decorations) or other seldom used items. Freeing up your garage or shed may be important to you, to give added space. Many items except perishable items can be stored – including the likes of wine. Businesses can also avail of storage, perhaps, if they need to downsize and wish to store away large tables, chairs and other office equipment. It can also be used as a document archive facility, again gaining more space in the office. SME’s can run their business from a self storage centre with the added bonus of being able to upsize and downsize as their storage needs change.

What Size will I Require?

Most good storage facilities will have an online space calculator or as we like to call ours – Space Estimator. It may be just a visual area that you can gauge how much/many boxes and such items for the area you require. You can also take the time to measure individual items and work out your required space in that manner.

How Long will I need Storage for?

Most companies operate on a month by month basis allowing you flexibility if you are not entire sure how long you will need the units for. Also, if you know you may want to rent space for a particular length of time e.g. 6 months you could avail of a discount on the price.

How Secure is the Self-Storage Facility?

Users will want to know exactly how well the facility is monitored when it is closed. Most facilities have 24-hour CCTV in operation inside and outside the premises. Along with that, you should seek units that have individual monitored alarms, giving notifications to staff members if an incorrect storage space is attempted to be accessed. With the customer being in control of their own key (apart from someone they wish to nominate), this added security feature rests with the user.


At U Store It we want you to have peace of mind and to have total control of your self storage requirements. There is a Frequently Asked Questions section if you need any further information.