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Space is a prime commodity and every single inch count when it comes to real estate, especially when we consider the soaring cost of both commercial space and private homes across the country. With rental cost so high, people are struggling to find ways to deal with extra furniture, appliances, and important files.

Self-storage is a viable solution to easing many of these lack of space problems and can provide families and companies a better use of the space they own.

The problem around Self-Storage is that there is a lot of misplaced information, mostly released by reality shows and shady practices from past times when the self-storage industry was less organized. There is a lot of debunking to be made about using self-storage services in modern times, and we are about to do our best to set the record straight on 6 of the most misplaced facts about this industry. Let’s read on.

1st Myth: “Storage facilities are Very Expensive.”

The most common myth spread about self-storage is that these services cost a premium monthly and this is just not true. The price of any self-storage space it is usually determined by the location of the company providing the service as well as the measures of the space you’ll need. U Store It has a wide range of lockers and units starting from as little as €10 per week plus VAT.

Whatever you need the service for, always make sure to speak with the manager or the store owner to work out a deal that favours you. It always helps to have an idea of the type of service and space you’ll need and for how long you will need it.

2nd Myth: “Storage Facilities are Dark, Damp, and Lack Hygiene.” 

While some TV shows and movies would like you to think otherwise, modern self-storage facilities are clean, well-lit and kept in top conditions year-round by the “tenants” and operation managers. In fact, they’re better kept than most garages and attics.

Also, every unit is cleaned thoroughly before being leased to a new tenant. Many Self-Storage providers even go one step forward and also provide temperature-controlled storage facilities to store certain goods that require specific conditions and special treatment, such as luxury furniture or even high-end collectibles.

3rd Myth: “Storage Facilities are Not Safe”

Actually, safety is one of the main reasons why individuals and companies use self-storage to store their belongings.

While it is a natural feeling to be afraid of letting your belongings in the care of an unknown party, you can rest assure that Self-Storage facilities are entirely safe and secure.

The top companies in the industry have very high levels of security and are prepared to take care of their clients’ items in the best possible way.

In addition to a trained staff team, technology has allowed them to strive on this aspect by having all storage units under surveillance 24/7.

With fully gated premises, sophisticated internal and external alarm systems, smoke detectors, electronic door and gate access, personalised padlocks and key codes and ongoing high definition video monitoring, modern storage facilities have some of the toughest safety and security measures you’ll ever encounter.

4th Myth: “You’ll be stuck in Long-Term Contracts”

This is one of the most popular misbeliefs spread about these services. Modern storage companies do offer a set of specific rates for their services, but almost all of them are open to working out a deal with you for the time you need the storage space.

Most Self-Storage providers don’t believe in long term contracts but rather in the convenience of month-to-month unit rentals, as they know from experience that customer’s requirements can change rather quickly. This type of flexibility is what makes most of these services so approachable.

At U Store It all we request is a weeks’ notice before you leave your unit. We’re here to provide a high-quality service to our customers and will provide this as long as it is required – but we won’t tie our customers into a lengthy contract to hold them to that.

5th Myth: “It’s a One Size Fits All Solution”

The truth about this is much blunter than you think. Self-storage units come in many different sizes. Whether you have a lot of things to store, or just a few items, if you need personal or commercial storage, there’s a perfect size unit for your needs.

Should you need more guidance, all self-storage business staff will be happy to help you determine the best unit size to store your items. Approaching them with a clear and realistic idea about what you have to store is going to make their jobs easier, as they will be able to recommend the best possible solution available.

6th Myth: “Storage Services are Unnecessary and only Hoarders use Them”

This belief couldn’t be more wrong. There are a number of reasons for using self-storage services, and many of them are usually logistics related be it companies looking for a place to store inventory, people running their first business, and students or families needing to temporarily store their household items.

There’s always a circumstance in which self-storage is the answer, and we can actually speak from experience by the needs of our customers like:

  • Companies and growing business operations often look for additional storage space to safeguard physical records, office supplies and additional inventory; they even need it to keep tools and equipment safe and ready to be used by their employees.
  • Collectors usually contract our services to keep their items stored until they can manage more space for them on their households.
  • Families use them to store extra household items, furniture or equipment that no longer fit on their garages or attics on specific seasons of the year, or even to store their whole furniture while they do some home renovations or move to another house.

As you can see there are a lot of unique cases where self-storage services are required. Whatever the reason may be, the truth is that self-storage provides customers with the additional space they need to properly, and safely store their household or business-related items.

We can close down these lines by extending an invitation for you to visit one of our Self -storage facilities near you to check the differences between these myths and truths for yourself.