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How are those New Year’s resolutions going?  Many of us start the year with great intentions of getting into better shape by working out regularly.  But we quickly realise that it is hard to stay motivated to work out if working out means heading out to the gym.  Going out for a walk or jog in wet weather is hard enough, but when the paths are icy it’s downright dangerous.  Working out at home is a great solution.  

The trip to the gym takes up valuable time, and once you get there you might have to wait for the equipment you want.  Some of us feel very self-conscious working out in a gym full of super fit people.  When you work out at home, you skip all of that.  You can use your own favourite work-out videos, not to mention your own shower.  So how do you create a workout space at home?

Creating Your Work Out Space at Home

First, really think about where in your home will work.  You need enough space without having to rearrange the furniture every time you want to work out.  What kind of exercise do you want to do?  Maybe you need space for a weight set or rowing machine, or perhaps yoga is more your style.  Whatever you do, you will enough space to move freely.  If you can set up where you have a television, that makes it easy to watch your work-out video.  But you can also watch them on your laptop.

If your house has a box room, that can be an ideal work-out space.  Many of us use the box room for personal storage, but that means we are losing a room.  What’s in your box room?  If it is full of things you need only once or twice a year, you could reclaim it by renting personal storage for those items.   Having a designated space for your workouts means it is there, ready when you are.  If you have children, you know how easily toys take over space in the rest of the house.  If you have to tidy up space before you can work out, you are ensuring that you have an excuse to skip your exercise.

Whether you create your workout space in the box room or the sitting room, having good storage in that space for your equipment is important.   Depending on type of equipment you use, you can store it in flat boxes that fit under the couch, an attractive wicker basket or a set of shelves.  Proper personal storage might just be the key to keeping your New Year’s resolution to work out regularly and get in better shape.

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