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The housing market is at a high price moment, which has led to more and more people opting for downsizing on their residences. Smaller accommodation forced the need for innovative storage solutions to keep up with these reduced living conditions.

But whether you live in a studio, a one-bedroom apartment, or a large estate house, being innovative in handling your storage can award you a lot more space.

A messy, disorganised home harms your mental welfare, acting as a stress stimulant. Various individuals have responded to such fact by adjusting their routine towards a rather minimalist, clutter-free lifestyle. This has been factually proven to decrease stress.

Furthermore, a cluttered space will feel claustrophobic to most people and make the living accommodation seem way smaller than it actually is because it is cramped with objects. Therefore, it is helpful to reconsider the things you own and then organise your belongings ahead of storing them. You could always sell or donate stuff you don’t want though, giving away your possessions may be tough due to the sentimental value they hold.

Alternatively, you can store your non-essential items at a safe, secure self-storage facility. Read on below to learn ingenious storage hacks that will revamp your studio, tiny house, or apartment.

Take care of clutter with these clever tricks and buys

You’ve already methodically planned out your tiny rooms, but still, clutter finds its way to creep in. Instead of stacking up boxes or using ugly plastic trays, try out some of our smart storage ideas to have spare space, even in the smallest of houses?

Think you don’t have space inside your little living room for storage? Finding it hard to make your studio apartment work? Exploit every inch of your home with shrewd space-saving solutions for everything you want to store. Take control of your belongings and store them in hidden or neatly stashed areas.

10 storage hacks for small accommodations:

1.    Invest in wall racks and vertical doors

Getting over-the-door footwear organisers or a wire kitchen door or even wall racks, it’s about investing in handy and easy tools that go a long way in averting clutter from taking over your flat. Vertical shoe racks can be found in any store and typically come with a cloth or plastic cubbies that can hold upwards of 24 shoes. Steel-built door or wall rack solutions are customisable and able to hold anything from pantry staples to utensils.

2.    Your bed must be multifunctional

When your apartment is that tiny, it’s vital assuring that each piece of furniture counts. That is, making sure all objects in that room serves a purpose (or multiple). When picking a bed, we recommend going for, either a sofa bed or a storage bed. Storage beds are extremely helpful as they can act both as a sleeping device and a storage dresser for books, clothes or gadgets. These drawers are normally located below the bed. Sofa beds can double up as a couch and a bed. Sofa beds are primarily useful for those living in a studio apartment where space is super reduced.

3.    Install drawer organisers to your kitchen, closet and bathrooms drawers

The most acceptable way to prevent clutter in your kitchen, bathrooms and storerooms? Slot in simple organiser inserts to your drawers. This will help to keep everything ordered and in place while also preventing you from losing stuff and buying them yet again. Drawer inserts can be made to hold utensils, sewing supplies, toiletries, baking kits, jewels, makeup and many others.

4.    Get coffee tables and ottomans that double as storage

Forecasting an upgrade of furniture to have somewhere to rest your feet up in those relaxing TV nights?  You can be sure that it’s as practical as it is useful. A clever and fantastic storage solution for small spaces is to have either built-in drawers, coffee table or a storage ottoman. Storage ottomans and drawer coffee tables can hold living room items as blankets to regular items like shoes, mail and kids’ toys, making for a functional and stylish item.

5.    Get rid of needless belongings on the regular

The prime way to avoid clutter when living in a small space is… well, not having clutter. This means excluding any and all pointless items. From apparels that are no longer worn to out-of-date furniture pieces, it might finally be time to purge the dead weight. Luckily, it’s easy to do it – thanks to donation charities and online marketplaces. Consider giving furniture and clothes to charity or selling your gently used items online.

6.    Invest in baskets and bins

Clear plastic bins or decorative baskets are super useful to have around as they have plenty of storage and having them at hand throughout the place helps you keep your small apartment clean and tidy. There are great locations for your bins and baskets as the entryway, laundry room, bedroom and closets. They’re also useful for storage inside pantries, cabinets and refrigerators.

7.    Mount wall-mounted shelves all over the apartment

Installing wall-mounted shelving is a cost-effective storage trick for small apartments. They can be placed in kitchens to keep dinnerware, into a bathroom to take toiletries or in a living room to hold some books or discs. These vertical storage solutions help free up room on your floor, while also maintaining your stuff in an easily accessible setting. Open shelves provide stylish and practical decor to your place as well.

8.    Hang floating furniture on the walls

Along with sparing floor space, floating fittings will make your room look and feel bigger than it really is, therefore, that small flat won’t appear so diminutive after all. Cases of well-known floating furniture include office desks, TV consoles, bathroom fittings and

dressers. These wall-hung pieces will help make the most of the space between your four walls, while also serving an essential role.

9.    Set wall hooks in strategic positions

Certainly, wall hooks must be the single cheapest and most straightforward way to preserve your organised apartment. Introducing them into strategic locations (for instance, places where things keep getting dropped on the floor) will free up valuable floor space. Try placing sturdy hooks on your entryways, bathrooms, laundry room, mudroom, closets and storage rooms. Hooks are able to hold anything from hats, coats, umbrellas and bags to towels, aprons, pet leashes and brooms.

10. Rent a self storage unit

Obviously, you may always choose to rent a self-storage unit to hold your excess items. U Store It’s home storage services are a safe and secure way to store your belongings conveniently for a temporary or more permanent term.

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