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One of the biggest dilemmas of renovating a house is knowing where to store furniture and household objects, as they need to be kept in an adequate and safe place to avoid damage during construction.

It is important to acknowledge this issue from the planning stage because everything should be organised before the start of the renovation work.

To help you through this phase, we have selected some straightforward tips to put into practice for you to keep everything carefully and safely stored.

Use the garage to store your belongings during renovation

If you live in a house that has a large covered garage, consider using this space to store your items, after all, you will not even need to take your belongings from your residence, and you will still be sure that everything is stored in one safe environment.

This is only valid if the garage space is fully enclosed, so that it doesn’t pose any hazards to furniture and objects, like humidity and lack of protection against rain and solar incidence.

Count on the help of friends and family and temporarily store your belongings in their homes

You can also count on the support of family members or even friends, to make their own homes available for you to keep what you need during the renovation process.

Although it is a viable alternative, it is one of the least used because hardly anyone has extra space at home. Either way, if you use this option, be sure to evaluate if the location is appropriate for what you need.

Book a Self-storage unit for the duration of the renovation

This is the most convenient option for those who need a temporary place to store their belongings and prefer practicality and the certainty that everything will be stored in an appropriate and secure space.

We at U Store It offer a wide range of  Home Storage solutions, and you can store as much or as little as you like, for as long as you need.

Regardless of the chosen alternative, be sure to pack your furniture and objects properly to facilitate not only the storage but also the transportation and even the organization of the items at the end of the renovation. Smaller and fragile objects should be wrapped in bubble wrap before being placed in boxes.

Another interesting tip is to label all the boxes according to what each one contains, as this will help you to store everything in the right place.