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If you are a pharmaceutical sales representative, you are often on the road. There isn’t really much margin for downtime from arranging and attending meetings with health care providers to generate leads in your region. Moreover, if you’re also introducing industry conferences, ongoing education seminars or integrating field studies into the mix, every second of the day counts. With several places to be and developments in the pharmacological industry, where can you store all your inventory while you’re on the move?

From marketing surplus to medication samples, functioning efficiently as a medical sales rep can be challenging – especially if you are packing all your supplies into your car. Luckily, at U Store It’s Self-Storage, you can find easy medical supply storage solutions that allow you to present new medicines to pharmacists, physicians and health care services all over your sector. With our climate-controlled units, you can preserve your pharmaceutical sales supplies systematised and effortlessly accessible while you’re on the go.

The Benefits of Storage Units for Pharma Sales Reps

A medical sales rep job is difficult, so guaranteeing your goods are secure and organised will simplify your work. At U Store It, our range of self-storage units can easily lodge your drug samples, sales pamphlets and any other marketing supplies in your target area. This way, you will get guaranteed quality control and remain clutter-free throughout your travels.

  • Climate-Controlled Storage Units

When it comes to medicinal supplies and medical devices, extreme temperature fluctuation can damage them. Whether it is boiling heat and moisture or freezing cold temperatures, your supplies’ composition is reliant on suitable storage environments. Unfortunately, it can be problematic to maintain stable temperatures in your car storage compartments, particularly if you’re regularly in stop and go traffic. Thankfully, U Store’s climate-controlled self-storage units can surely keep your business’s supplies in a controlled setting to ensure the clinical efficacy of all products.

  • Space to Organise Your Supplies

Working out of your vehicle’s boot brings operative challenges, but none bigger than an unorganised car. While it might seem straightforward to use the trunk or even the back seat as a loading area for materials, these places can become chaotic fast, especially if you frequently collect new supplies. With a temperature-controlled storage unit located inside your regional ground, you can preserve all your samples, marketing items, brochures, and papers ordered and easily available. As an extra, you won’t need to commit any space from your house to keep more materials!

  • Free Acceptance of Delivery Packages

New drug samples releases mean more product deliveries. If your residence isn’t near your firm’s office or distribution centre, you’re almost certainly accepting parcels at your home. When you stock your pharma supplies at U Store It, you gain access to a free delivery acceptance system. Suppose your storage facility manager knows you’re awaiting a delivery. In that case, he or she can admit it on your behalf, meaning you won’t have to worry about signing or missing another shipment again.

Update your Medical Sales with the help of U Store It

Don’t allow disorganised pharmaceutical supplies to get in the way of closing the sale. At U Store Its storage facilities, you can effortlessly assure your drug samples and marketing resources are protected from bad weather and ordered in an easily manageable unit. Find a U Store It near you today to streamline your methods and reach your sales goals.

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