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If you got to this article, it means that you are probably considering moving to a smaller house. There are plenty of reasons why people opt for downsizing. Here, we will show you why self-storage may be the key to help you move faster, easier and “lighter”.

1.    Save time

When moving home, it is likely that you have lots of items and belongings that you have accumulated for years. Some of them are necessary to go with you to your new home; however other things are not… Think about selling, giving them to your friends, family or even to charity. Don’t lose too much time with this, because it’ll only make you frustrated and might even delay your move.

Using a self-storage unit to place everything you find necessary will help you move and choose between what you find essential and what you don’t.

2.    Save money

The quicker you move to your new home, the sooner you’ll be living in a smaller property with lower expenses (mortgage. Why not book a storage unit where you can store everything that doesn’t fit into the new house and allow you to keep everything you want?

3.    Can be a permanent storage place for seasonal items

Remember those things you use only annually, like Christmas decorations or only during the summer, like camping gear or surf boards? These are perfect for keeping on a self-storage unit due to their sporadic use. What’s more, it could help you when moving into a smaller home, because you don’t have to worry about taking them with you – if not in the season – because you know that these items are safely stored in a secure storage space. You can also use it for old or out-of-season clothes in a way that you intelligently save space, especially if you are in a smaller home.

4.    Helps you with temporary moves

Imagine you didn’t find your dream house or location yet. But you are keen to get out as soon as possible from your current home? Knowing what you will need for your routine could quickly turn into a headache in circumstances like this. Well, it isn’t the case if you have a self-storage unit! It allows you to move with just the essential items and have your other belongings properly stored and easy to pick up once you get your new dream home.

5.    Helps you prioritise

Before putting everything in boxes, having your items well organised in a storage unit helps you prioritise when preparing to move.

First think about the essentials: Wardrobes, bedding, beds, furniture, etc. Basically, everything you use daily or frequently.

Then those smaller personal items you would like to keep: personal belongings, awards, family photos, etc.

Seasonal items: Surfboards, tents, etc. Everything that you use only during a certain season or holiday.

Expendable items: things you haven’t used for over a year or can’t even remember how they got there.

With all this prioritised, it’s easy to understand that the first two levels should go with you immediately to your new home. Regarding the seasonal items, they can be kept in self-storage because you don’t need those items most of the year. For the last level, it’s time to give a new destination to these kinds of items. As mentioned above, you have different ways to get rid of them.

6.    Helps your family

If you are downsizing for retirement, you probably know someone in your family looking for new furniture, like a bed or a lamp. Why not give it to them? It’s a win-win situation!

And imagine your son or grandson has something in their shed getting rusty and dusty just because they don’t have any other place to keep it? You could keep it safe in your self-storage unit along with your own items for as long as it’s needed.

7.    Helps you simplify

Moving into a smaller home can be an arduous and challenging process, mainly when deciding which of your belongings should go with you to your new location. But this can be mitigated thanks to self-storage. Self-storage will allow you to understand what you see as essential to take with you and what you don’t, and, at the same time, will help you keep them clean, dry, organised, and safe from dangers, always ready to be picked up depending on your needs.

Give us a call and tell us which unit size you are looking for. We will be more than happy to assist you and give you our professional advice and information.