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Security in Self Storage is something of utmost importance, after all, there is no point in changing the location of your possessions if they are still exposed to risks that can compromise not only their integrity but even your own security, right?

That is why it is crucial that you carefully evaluate the security features of the self-storage facility that you’re planning on using to store your belongings.

Always look for a company recognized and specialized in the subject, and distrust businesses that lack in terms of the security of their Self Storage facilities.

But perhaps, you’re now wondering what security features to look for. To help you, here are the 5 must-have security features that every self-storage facility should provide:


When visiting a self-storage facility, one of the best times to do it is after sunset. This way, you will be able to know how much lighting the facility has with ease.

Having adequate lighting is a great way to deter crimes; however, it is also crucial for other safety features. For instance, video surveillance is merely effective if there’s enough light in the area.

Thus, before you ask about high-tech security features, it is highly recommended that you first check if the facility is well-lit.

Video Surveillance

When looking for a self-storage facility, ask the provider regarding video surveillance. Are there enough security cameras? Are they constantly on?

24-hour video surveillance is a must when it comes to self-storage. It can deter thieves that might be thinking of invading the facility, and it can be used to identify and help catch anyone who does go through with a theft.

Well-positioned CCTV cameras that give employees a good look at the entire facility, both inside and outside, can also help keep the users safer.

Most of all, the installation of security cameras shows that a self-storage facility is serious. It’s serious about safety, and it’s serious about protecting your items.

Perimeter Fence

A superb fence is also an important security feature that every self-storage facility should possess. It should border the whole perimeter, not just the entrance, and be sturdy and difficult to cut or climb.

Individual Alarms

Another effective way to secure your belongings is to look for a storage facility that features individual unit alarms.

Reliable and Secure Access

Accessing your self-storage unit must be convenient yet secure. A simple lock is convenient; however, it is definitely not secure enough. The safer option is the use of coded keypads. The main gate to the facility should feature a coded keypad and be monitored using video surveillance. This way, it will be more difficult for intruders to access the premises but still easy for authorised users to do so.

Once you are inside to get some of your items back home or place some more in storage, you need to know that you are as safe as your own possessions and that no unauthorised people will be allowed to enter the facility.

Also, facility management will have a more reliable idea of who enters and leaves the facility at any given time of day or night.

Protect your Prized Possessions with U Store It Self-Storage

At U Store It, we care about your stored belongings as much as you do. Whatever you are storing, you can rest assured knowing that at U Store it, we only employ the most effective and efficient security measures to make sure that everything is well protected.

When it comes to secure storage, we’ve got you covered.