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Flying the nest and moving into a new place is a huge milestone for many young people. It represents one of their first ventures into the real world, however, the transition isn’t always as seamless as it appears, and it can present a daunting task for many. There’s the house rent to consider along with the furnishings & decor and the general week-to-week maintenance.

There’s also the issue of moving belongings & the general location of your new abode. Here are some helpful tips for moving to help you get started on the road to independent living.


Save Smartly

There’s no doubt about it, moving out is far from cheap. There’s a litany of things to take into account, including the initial deposit, monthly house rent, utility bills & general living costs to take into consideration.

That’s why it’s always best to prepare ahead in the months preceding your move. Aim to put aside up as much spare cash as you can each week in a savings account. Map out a budget plan each week and cut out the non-necessities.


Get Thrifty

When working off a selected budget, it’s not the wisest idea to start outlying a fortune on expensive accessories & furniture. When moving into independence, it pays to shop around both offline and online and search for bargains.

There are many online forums where people can buy or swap household items such as furniture, kitchen accessories and electrical goods. Keep an eye out for seasonal and liquidation sales also, where you can purchase items for more than half of their usual retail price


Choose Your Location Wisely

One of the most important decisions in choosing new surroundings is choosing a location that is accessible and financially viable. 

Lettings in a city or town centre generally tend to command higher rates than in the adjoining suburbs, so it’s best to look further afield.  Also, consider local amenities, shopping locations and transportation options if commuting.


Moving & Storing Your Items

Many see moving between homes as a stressful and costly event. However, with the right plan in place, the moving process can become easy & streamlined. Choosing a professional and trusted moving company is essential, as is finding the right storage facility.

Before the moving company arrives, make sure that all of your furniture &  boxes are neatly packed and labelled by item and size. While your items are in storage, visit your new abode and map out where each item will go by room. When actually moving in, start with one room at a time, beginning with the kitchen & general living areas.

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