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You might not know this, but the odds are that your garden shed is under siege. It is a handy place to store some things, but it’s important to understand what could go wrong with using your garden shed for storage. When you know the risks, you can make an informed decision about what items are safe in your shed and which things need to be in your house or in rented storage space.

Garden shed is a vague term. It covers everything from a simple metal pre-fab unit to a block built structure almost as secure as your house. When you are considering what to store in your garden shed, the first consideration is how protected things there are from the elements. Does it have a floor? Is the floor totally water-tight? Look for any seams or uneven spots in a pre-fab garden shed. Check the floor of any shed for cracks, especially along the walls.

The roof is another factor. Even if your shed is a solid, block built building, the roof might be letting in dampness. It could be leaking, or condensation could be a problem. Before putting anything important in there, check it carefully for signs of dampness. Continue to monitor it if you use it to store anything you value.

Is Your Shed Under Siege?

Damp isn’t the only thing that might be invading your shed. Your shed is vulnerable to creepy crawly invaders ranging in size from insects to rodents to feral cats or even foxes. These visitors wish you no harm. But that doesn’t mean they won’t chomp on your belongings and worse. Much worse. Never store anything in a shed that could double as rodent housing such as a mattress, couch or car seats. If it is upholstered, they’ll move right in. Prevention is the only way. Once they are in, nothing you do can undo the fact that they have wrecked your things.

Furniture, camping gear and clothing won’t store well in most garden sheds, no matter what you do to protect them. Tools and sports equipment stand a better chance, but consider the cost of replacing them when you decide where to keep them. For those items that would be at risk in your garden shed, rented storage space is a great solution. Your items will be safe and secure, and you can find companies such as U Store It that allow you to access your rented storage space whenever you need.