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Christmas is a magical time of year. We decorate our homes to get into the festive spirit and spend quality time with family and friends. It’s a joyous time for many, but the holidays tend to come and go fast, and after new year’s we are faced with the daunting and dreaded task of taking down all of those Christmas decorations in order to get back into a normal routine, ready to start a fresh new year.

Now that it’s time to pack away all of your festive fun for another year, what do we do with it all? How do we store it? Where do we store it? And how to ensure that they will be safely packed away and remain in good condition for next year? These are the questions you may be faced with!

Understated or overindulgence, what’s it to be?

Depending on how much you like to indulge in festive decor will determine whether or not you have the daunting task of finding suitable storage solutions.

Some people prefer minimal decor and therefore, can pack away in a few boxes and store it in their closets and cupboards at home.

Others like to go all out, with huge extravagant trees, masses of bling and sparkly decorations, and full-on Christmas light displays, both indoors and outdoors. And these- as lovely as they are- usually have the most concerns when it comes to finding suitable storage that enables all of those precious decorations to remain in tip-top condition for next year.

Let’s face it; there is nothing worse than opening up your box of last year’s Christmas decorations only to find that things are damp, broken, and, worst of all, the lights don’t work… Ah, it’s so annoying!

Storage solutions made easy!

Christmas decorations can take up an awful lot of space and finding the right conditions to store items is often troublesome too. Lofts and attics can be dusty and dirty, not to mention awkward to get into, especially if you do not have any ladders to hand. Garages can be damp, cold, and generally cluttered to the max, and cupboards and closets are not usually practical, especially if you have a lot of decorations to store, so what other options do we have?

Have you ever thought about renting a safe and secure self-storage unit? Probably not, but here’s why we think you should!

Self-storage may not be your first point of call when looking for suitable storage solutions (for Christmas decorations), but it is, in fact, a very good viable option, not only that, it can be used for all kinds of storage, not just for Christmas decor so if you are considering renting one, you can certainly get your money’s worth by doing so!

  • Climate controlled units – Climate-controlled units guarantee that items are not going to get damp, cold, wet etc. due to insufficient air flow and humidity. All of your treasured possessions are protected, for as long as you need them in storage.
  • Range of sizes to suit your budget – Units are available in all different sizes; therefore, you only pay for the size of the space you require, and if need be, it’s possible to upsize or downsize as and when you like.
  • Organise units as you wish Self-storage units are yours to do what you like with them; there are no restrictions with regards to how to layout the interior, so feel free to add shelving, rails, pegboards, and boxes to organise the space.

How to safely store Christmas Decorations in self-storage units!

Although you have peace of mind in knowing that self-storage units will keep Christmas items stored safely, it’s still a good idea to follow some of these handy tips to ensure that items are stored in the best possible way. Besides, you have all of this extra space, so there is no need to squeeze and shove into cardboard boxes!

  • Christmas lights – Don’t be faced with the annoying task of detangling the Christmas lights next year; we’ve all been there, and it’s incredibly frustrating, especially after all of that effort, and then they don’t work. Use some card and cut it into an Anvil shape or hang them onto a hook by coiling whilst leaving the plug-in part visible so that you can test before unravelling next year or simply use clothes pegs and peg the ends to keep them tidy and neat.
  • Christmas Tree – Disassemble the tree and store in smaller sections, where possible rather than keeping it whole, fold branches carefully and store each section into bags rather than boxes as it helps to keep dust and dirt at bay.
  • Christmas ornaments – They come in all shapes and sizes, from glass and ceramics to handmade wooden, paper, or cardboard. And many people do retain some rather sentimental items such as family heirlooms or memorable bits and pieces for loved ones who have passed, many of those items are generally delicate and certainly need to be stored with the utmost care, for safekeeping. Use old egg cartons for storing glass baubles or fragile things, use plastic containers stuffed with paper for larger sentimental or fragile items, and wrap items into bubble wrap if you are going to box them up.
  • Wreaths – For safekeeping, place the wreath flat into a box and gently stuff before placing flat on a storage shelf. If you prefer to hang a wreath, you can use a wall hook and a fabric bag to keep dust at bay.
  • Candles – Use old socks, bubble wrap, or cellophane, avoid plastic or wax paper as it will stick and remove some of the colour. Once carefully wrapped, store in a box or crate and ensure that the area is fully climate controlled so that they do not melt and lose their shape.
  • Label boxes – To save headaches, later on, make sure that boxes are labelled, it helps to find what you need plus helps to separate the delicate items to that they are handled with more care.