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Self-storage has a multitude of uses. The majority of people recognise it for home storage or a place to keep belongings while they are in between living spaces. What most people don’t realise, though, is that storage units can be great tools for businesses, too. In fact, some businesses have begun running their entire operation out of storage units.

Regardless of size, every company seeks to operate with lean costs and avoid waste, and these factors are directly related to the way the company takes advantage of its physical space. One must consider that the cost of the physical space to store what is not associated with the core business is high, and both the space and the financial investments could be applied to the company’s growth.

Self-storage for business aims to provide solutions to a challenge that all companies have in common: the lack of more space and/or the need to optimise the one that already exists.

No matter what the size or demands of companies seeking the services of self-storage, they are all aimed at a service that operates efficiently and is advantageous in its cost benefit.

Why Use Business Storage?

Self-storage units can help businesses improve their overall operations in various ways.

Here are some of its benefits:


Finances are a critical factor in every business, and new ways to save money are always welcomed.

It is entirely possible today for many local businesses to operate without an actual office, given the technology available, but they still need a place to store their materials and equipment. Self-storage facilities provide that space at much lower rates than getting an office or warehouse.


Mobility and practicality play an important role in today’s business, and with most of the storage facilities situated in key locations near access roads, ports, and airports, businesses can easily find the storage location that works best for them. They can even consider getting multiple units in different areas of town to make their operations more efficient.


Businesses change, grow & evolve, Self-storage offers flexible business storage space for short or long-term use whenever your business needs it.

The ability to adjust the space to suit seasonal requirements or rapid growth can help get a business off the ground.

Favourite Self-storage Features for Business Storage


Companies can rest assured about the security of their stored goods.

Security is one of the main priorities for storage facilities that offer security features like 24 hours video surveillance, gated access, and on-site security management.

24/7 Access

What’s 9 to 5? For many businesses that use storage, the day rarely ends at 5 o’clock. They need flexible access to everything and don’t want to deal with office space you can’t get to when you need it. Having a storage facility with 24-hour access is the ideal solution.

Need to renew the stock of a particular product in your store? Go through self-storage and get on with no bureaucracy.

Drive-up Loading Bays

Time is money in every business and having Drive-up loading bays along with free use Of Trolleys & Pallet Trucks makes it easier to load and unload merchandise, saving valuable time and all the related stress.

Companies of varying sizes already use self-storage to streamline the logistics of their business, for example:

Construction Companies

Contractors often find that self-storage space allows them to cut costs when storing equipment and materials. And some even run their business without an office space because of self-storage.

Engineering and Architecture Companies

These are two areas that complement each other and require space for the storage of projects, whether new, in progress or old. From the floor plan of a house or building made by engineers to the construction of models by architects, it is essential to have adequate space to store these projects.

Import and Logistics

Import companies need places to store their goods, and often this logistical support can be provided by a self-storage facility close by and ideal for the needs of the company, thus reducing expenses such as transportation.

Advertising Agencies and Photo Studios

Marketing, advertising, and communications businesses need extra space to store campaign materials, point of sale materials, promotional gifts and general files that take up a lot of space. Similarly, recording, photography and audiovisual content studios need a self-storage solution to safely store their equipment.

Trading businesses

These businesses often struggle to find ways to keep their inventory at their locations and turn to storage facilities to help house their inventory nearby.

If you have a physical store, e-commerce or an establishment (in the street, shopping mall or gallery) and work with retail and wholesale, it is essential to have a self-storage space to store goods, especially on commemorative dates, when there is a rise in demand.


Whatever the size of an artistic production, it is always important to have room to store costumes and scenic objects that are not in use or that are reserved for future shows. Self-storage units offer the perfect storage solutions for Space-limited theatres.

Law and accounting firms

It can serve to store documents and archives, enabling the optimization of free areas in law firms, as well as accounting, taking into account the security and practicality that self-storage services impose on these scopes.

Small industries

Ideal for storing raw material, machinery or equipment that occupies a significantly larger space.

These are only a few examples. Almost every type of business found that self-storage has been very beneficial to their operations.

In conclusion, we may say that Self-storage is a service that aims at a better and safer way of storing goods in a reserved space and the best storage solution for companies who seek to perfect and optimise their work routine.

Financially, it is a good investment with a much lower cost and a much higher benefit compared to other services like getting a warehouse or an office.