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Finally, Summer is here! The weather is great, and the sun is shining in its full glory which means we can now enjoy all those things we missed before like the family BBQ. Things like cycling, camping, fishing and other outdoor activities are also back into our lives.

The sun is out, and you should be too! So, if you haven´t done it already, go on and get your barbecue and patio furniture set out from your U Store It self-storage unit and start enjoying this great weather to the fullest.

What else should you take out of storage and put in instead?

  • The Barbecue and the grill

Summer is incomplete without the grill and BBQ in your patio. Setting it up for a nice afternoon lunch with your close friends, lots of sun and food is the best way to spend every weekend. It is time to enjoy those hot dogs, steaks and burgers straight from your BBQ.

Dust these essentials from your storage unit and replace it with your snow and rain boots, till the bad weather comes again.

  • Patio umbrella

A Patio Umbrella is the perfect solution to give you just enough shade to let you enjoy the summer breeze without the risk of getting those unpleasant sun burns and create a wonderful and cosy outdoor atmosphere for all your get together. On a hot summer’s afternoon, there is nothing more enjoyable than having family and a few friends and over for a round of cold drinks and a barbecue lunch.

To maximise storage space, place your winter umbrellas in storage when you take out your patio umbrella, because hopefully you won’t be needing them for a while.

  • Bicycles

To all you cycling enthusiasts, it is time to take your bikes out of storage and become the explorers that you are. There is nothing like cycling together with your family to your favourite picnic spot or taking a cycling marathon with your friends around the city or exploring the countryside. Summers are the best time to enjoy your hobby and soak up all sun’s benefits.

Fill that bicycle-shaped empty spot in your storage unit and bid your heavy winter clothing a goodbye by placing it there instead.

  • Camping Tent

Some people will say that camping is not exclusive to summers. But would you enjoy camping with the constant noise of the rain battering the tent’s canvas nonstop or have it blown away by a strong gust of wind? No, right!

Sunny days are the best camping days. So, it is the time to swap your tent with all those polar jackets that are unnecessarily occupying closet space in your home.

  • Beach essentials

If you enjoy spending the entire day lazing around in the sand with the cool ocean breeze in your face, getting your hands dirty while making sandcastles with the kids, or going for a refreshing dip in the water, it is time to use all the beach towels, chairs, hats, and beach balls that were kept away from the beaches and use them at your favourite sandy ocean spot.

After you take all this stuff out from the unit, it will give you enough room to store all the duvets and bulky blankets, that you won´t be using anytime soon.

  • Pool inflatables and hammock

The pool and garden area that was almost unused during the winter months will now have a new life. With the suns up in the sky, your pool needs to be filled with refreshing cold water, pool bean bags and other inflatables need to be thrown in and your hammock needs to be tied in the garden. Just relax and enjoy a smoothie while reading your favourite book or call your friends home to take a refreshing dip in the pool.