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A person and his hobbies… There are those who enjoy reading, watching movies, collecting objects, making craft beer … and those who prefer something a little more exciting, like playing sports!

You love sports, from that unpretentious Sunday morning football with your friends to the more radical sports like surfing, mountain climbing or mountain biking.

But where to find enough space in your house for kits, balls, bikes, helmets, cables, ropes, skates, skateboard, board, skis, and what else goes in the tile?

The truth is that there is no space, but the solution for this is simple: Self-Storage.

We know how much you care about the safe storage and maintenance of your sports gear, so follow our article and learn why self-storage in the best solution!

This alternative is perfect when we think, for example, of that little-used sports gear that is left without any place in the house, either by the size or the category of the item.

Imagine, for example, your surfboards.

Maybe you’ve never thought about how much space these boards can occupy, right? There are boards up to approximately 2.3 meters. Imagine having several of these at home? Or worse, in an apartment?

After all, it is incredibly challenging to have a specific place in the house to store sports equipment.

U Store It has 7 Storage facilities conveniently located throughout Ireland, and when hiring one of our Self-Storage Units (all with electronically controlled access), you will have at your disposal private and secure boxes to store these type of objects. So, when you need a particular sports gear, there is no secret: access your storage room, remove the item and then store it again according to your needs.

Storage of sports equipment

In addition to the functionality and contractual flexibility that Self-Storage companies like U Store It offer, you will also have guaranteed a clean and airy space for storing your belongings.

This way, you know that they are always adequately protected. Never forget however before storing them, to clean them correctly according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

To help you with this task, we have compiled some cleaning and storage tips for these types of sports gear.

Important care with sports materials

  • Always take into consideration the manufacturer’s instructions and, if the material permits, wash it before you store it;
  • The combination of water + soap is the best way to remove all the dirt from the item, especially those that are used on the beach, mountains or mud;
  • Let the materials dry before storing them. Storing them wet or damp can cause mould and rust, which can compromise not only the aesthetics but the functionality of the equipment;
  • Make sure your sports equipment is in proper conditions and safe to use every time you remove them or store them, especially gear that involves extreme sports such as ropes and cables. The same goes for all the safety components that come with them: helmets, glasses, gloves, etc.

See how a solution as simple as Self-Storage can extend the life of your equipment?

Not to mention the practicality of having everything at hand in convenient storage facilities whenever you need to and keeping your organization up to date and free space inside your house.

This tip is also valid for professional athletes. Cyclists, for example, usually have several models of bicycles and equipment, as there are bikes more appropriate for short or long distances, types of terrain, weather, etc. So, if the house gets small, take it all to your stall.