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For any small business operator the largest cost factor is more than likely going to be the business premises or office. While the business base is essential you can keep it small while maximising its use.


5 Tips to Keep Your Office Clutter Free


  1. Declutter your work area – go through your stuff and assess the purpose of each item. How often do you use something? Never? Bin it!
  2. Keep your desk small and ergonomic – what do you need on your desk? Is the paper punch essential if the main part of your workday is via email?
  3. Maximise storage in your office with innovative storage solutions – wall storage, under desk, in desk drawers…get creative.
  4. Organise your file space – do you need all of your files all of the time? If not, why not try self storage  for small business as an alternative to stepping over those boxes!
  5. If your office is small don’t skimp on the light fixtures. Dark colours and poor lighting can make your space appear smaller than it actually is. Keep it light and bright!