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If you are planning a New Year clear out of old documents, you’ll be glad to know that DGD Shredding is U Store It’s shredding facilitator.

 Many of our storage clients are professional firms such as solicitors and accountants, and the documents stored at our facilities must eventually be destroyed.  Ensuring that this is done correctly to protect the client’s privacy is an essential responsibility for professionals.

Ensuring that this is done correctly to protect the client’s privacy is an essential responsibility for professionals.  Trust is the basis of all good business, and no one knows that better than solicitors, doctors and accountants.  Now you can arrange to have your sensitive documents safely shredded on site at U Store It by our trusted colleagues at DGD Shredding.

DGD Shredding started out in 1998 as DGD Papers Limited to serve the Mid-Western region. Now they offer their services nationwide from their state of the art headquarters in Limerick.  

They travel all over Ireland to provide on-site shredding for clients, and their mobile units are equipped with high spec shredders.  DGD will also collect papers from clients to be shredded at their facilities.  The collection vans are kitted out with a range of security features to ensure the documents are protected in transit.  Clients can also bring their papers to drop off for shredding at DGD’s facilities.    

High Tech Shredding Services

Not all confidential information is kept on paper these days.  DGD Shredding can also take care of safely shredding your digitally stored information as well.  They can securely destroy information stored on internal or external hard drives, mobile phones, tablets, memory sticks, pen drives, hand-held PDAs, ID badges, code generators and more.  Their digital information shredding services are available on site or off site.  DGD Shredding provides a Certificate of Destruction for all electronic shredding jobs.

U Store It is proud to partner with DGD Shredding to ensure that your sensitive documents are protected and kept confidential after their useful life in your office. In fact, DGD offer special discounted rates to U Store It customers who wish to use their service. You can contact DGD Secure Destruction Specialists by calling 1850 491 333 or by email at  to learn more about their services or to get a quote