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At U Store It, we are happy to help with your short and long-term storage needs all through the year.  As Christmas approaches, many of us start to feel the pressure.  We can help with a range of storage solutions, depending on your needs, but we do have a few limits.  Here we address a few seasonal queries.  If your question is not answered here, please get in touch to see how we can help you.

Q: I’m planning a massive surprise for my true love over the 12 days of Christmas.  Can you store birds?  What about trees?  Would golden rings be safe in your storage unit?

A: The good news is that our facilities are protected with alarms and CCTV, as well as your own secure padlock.  We are confident that golden rings would be safe here.  Birds are another story.  We cannot store live animals or birds.  While we offer some very large units, we would recommend against putting a real tree in storage due to the lack of direct sunlight.  It would probably wilt.

Q: My in-laws are coming for a week this Christmas.  They always criticize the house, and it’s not really large enough.  Hotels are very dear.  Can we keep them in a storage unit and just come get them for Christmas dinner?

A: While we do sympathize, we cannot store excess relatives.  It’s a legal issue.  We can, however, store any large household items to help you create more space in your home.  If you place your television and comfortable chairs in storage for the duration of the visit, it might encourage them to spend time at a local pub giving you a bit of peace.

Q: You don’t understand.  Their children are out of control.  They’ll wreck our house.  Surely your storage units are fairly indestructible?

A: Our units are indeed extremely sturdy.  They even feature fire-proof flooring.  And we do understand, but regrettably, we cannot store children, not even well-behaved ones.  But we can offer short-term storage for any breakables and for whatever toys your own children fear could, ahem, disappear during this visit.

Q: Every year, my partner and I face the same problem.  A certain relative gives us what she considers “art” for our home, but it is unspeakably ugly.  I think she is testing us.  I’d like to burn this stuff in the fire, but my partner says that is rude and would create toxic fumes.  She insists we need to keep this rubbish nearby and display it if this relation comes to visit.  Help!

A: U Store It offers the ideal solution for unwanted and downright horrible Christmas gifts!  You can book a secure unit of the appropriate size to store these items.  They will be easy to retrieve if the giver announces a visit, or we can store them until next Christmas if you’d like to offload them on anyone on your own ‘naughty’ list.