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Well, your little one has grown up and is not a baby anymore, and now you have to decide what to do with all that arsenal of clothes, shoes, baby stroller, crib, toys.

Keeping your baby’s belongings to use when you have another child or even to give them to a family member or friend who is expecting the arrival of a little one is an excellent way to save or help save money.

What is worth saving:

Those baby clothes that are in mint condition or that have sentimental value

This means that it’s worth keeping just about all the little outfits that were worn when your baby was very young because in those first month’s, babies grow faster, and their clothes tend to fit only for a short period of time.

After a year, clothes tend to get much more worn, so it depends on your requirement to determine whether it is worth keeping or not.

Because the clothes are delicate, they should be placed in a vacuum bag, which prevents contact with insects that can damage them, such as moths, and also protects them from dirt, mould, and stench. However, even with all the care, it is essential to wash them at least once a year to keep them looking like new.

Bed and bath accessories like sheets, blankets, bath towels, baby blankets

Most of them are worth keeping. Almost always, the state of conservation of these items is excellent so why rebuy everything?

In the case of bedding and pillows, it is best to store them in a clean plastic bag that has a zipper or that can be sealed. Cleaning these items should also be done on a regular basis to keep them looking fresh and hygienic.

Toys, tents, games, etc…

Those in good condition are always worth saving. Sure enough, the second one will enjoy them as much as the first baby did.

The best place to store children’s toys is inside a hermetically sealed box. Just like clothes, these items should also be cleaned periodically at least twice a year.

Large items and furniture

Walking accessories like the kangaroo, sling, sun protector for the car, baby handbag, and other big items like the stroller, baby comfort, car seat, feeding chair, bathtub, collapsible crib, etc… it’s worth saving everything.

Furniture like the crib, dresser, armchair breastfeeding, nightstand, shelves, niches…all are worth saving and then reuse and use with the second child.

Especially in the case of people who live in smaller houses or like to keep everything organized, it can be difficult to store bulky items such as cribs, walkers, strollers, tricycles and other such items. So, the right way to store these items so crucial to the early stages of a baby’s life is to keep them safe in a self-storage unit.

What is not worth saving:

  • Anything that is in poor condition
  • Items you never used with the first child and also don’t intend to use with the second
  • All that you have in excess

If you have something in excess, do not save. Donate. So, if you have excessive clothes, toys or accessories, donate them as soon as they’re no longer useful for the first child. Save only the quantity needed for the second.

If you have any questions about how to store baby nursery items, you can access the U Store It website for more information; there you will find the Self-storage solutions that best suit your needs.