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Teaching is a challenging but rewarding job. Teacher’s face many problems in their day-to-day workload, boisterous children, administration, homework, preparing classes, the list goes on and on.

Rarely considered is how to keep their classroom organised. But for a teacher to work efficiently and for kids to fully reap the benefit of schooling and stay safe, a tidy and well-organised classroom is essential. This can be difficult to achieve with the sheer amount of stuff that teachers and kids often have to cram into classrooms.

This guide lists some fantastic ideas for teachers to help them keep on top of the organisation of their classrooms and help teachers and pupils teach and learn efficiently.

Many of these ideas are also great for homeschoolers, which is still on the rise even as the slow recovery from the recent pandemic allows our schools to reopen.

1.  Plastic Stacking Drawers

Convenient, scalable, versatile, and extremely functional, these are amongst the most popular solutions for teachers and homeschoolers alike.

But that’s only the beginning of the advantages these bring to the classroom. Plastic stacking drawers are a cost-effective and durable option. And in a classroom full of boisterous and excitable kids, this durability is essential.

Plastic drawers are also a colourful addition to any classroom, smart-looking and modern. These can brighten up classrooms and make them a more pleasant environment to work and learn in.

Finally, stackable plastic drawers make it easy to label and organise your stuff.

2.    Magazine Holders

These are another versatile storage option that can serve a whole host of storage purposes, not just magazines!

Available in a range of materials and sizes, these are a great tool in a classroom’s storage solutions. Students can have fun decorating them and personalising them, and they can be kept on the student’s desk for the duration of the class and store items like:

  • Tablets
  • Projects (great for keeping all the work for in-progress projects in one place)
  • Individual holders are great for organising pupils’ paperwork

And of course, magazines and course material.

3.    Hanging Shoe Organisers

One important factor when considering storage for classrooms is to maximise the utilisation of all available space. Hanging shoe organisers fit the bill perfectly here as they make use of vertical space like walls and the back of doors that would be otherwise lost.

The individual pockets of these organisers make them great for storing items like paints and pens, or they make a fantastic headphone hub. It also keeps everything in plain sight so that teachers are always aware of how the supply situation is. Like magazine racks, these are a highly versatile storage option, and they don’t take up any valuable floor space.

4.    Plastic tubs for counters and other smaller items

Crayons, pens, glues, paints, the list of stuff that teachers need to keep organised can seem endless. However, cheap plastic tubs are easily labelled and are a durable solution for keeping smaller items like counters organised and readily available.

If pupils need a set of coloured pens for their work, they just grab a tub and off they go. Space and time saving every classroom should have a collection of plastic tubs.

5.    Plastic pockets, hanging racks, hangers, and clothes pegs!

Bear with me because this is a great hack. Many classrooms have a coat hanging rack for the kids. Simply by adding a plastic pocket to each hanger and attaching it with clothes pegs, you can hang paperwork on individual hangers.

This can be used to provide paperwork storage for the kids and allocate each one with a specific hanger, or they can be used to store classroom items like maths or English games.

6.    Storage Trolley

Storage trolleys that can be wheeled out when required are a great way of storing stuff that needs to be used regularly. These can be bought out when required and wheeled away again when not in use.

They are also highly customisable. Add stick-on hooks or velcro straps to the sides for additional storage, and these can become self-contained units that can be adapted to a host of purposes.

7.    Stacking Mail Sorters

Another great utilisation of vertical space is adding stacking mail sorters to your storage solutions. These are incredibly versatile; use them to stack your coloured papers or homework assignments and other classwork, or use them as a central storage area where the kids can find notes and class materials.

Consider a Self-storage Unit

Ultimately clever storage hacks will only take you so far. Such is the pressure on today’s modern classrooms that teachers are often overwhelmed by their storage needs. In these instances, a self-storage unit can offer a perfect solution.

A self-storage unit is a cost-effective solution that can play a massive part in solving a teacher’s storage problems. Not everything a teacher is required to store is needed regularly, and this means that a lot of space is taken up storing rarely used, perhaps seasonal, items.

Items that could be considered for off-site storage in a self-storage unit include:

  • Seasonal decorations
  • Bulk supplies
  • Extra Furniture
  • Seasonal games equipment
  • Outdoor kit during the winter

By freeing up the space taken up by rarely used items, a teacher can make the whole teaching environment more spacious, kid-friendly, and more conducive to good learning.

A unit can be shared by several classrooms or even whole schools! This arrangement helps to make self-storage units a more viable and cost-effective option. They can even be rented on a seasonal basis, so for those long winter months, all the summer gear can be safely stored in a clean and dry environment.


Teachers are the unsung heroes of society. Controlling class loads of excitable children is hard enough at the best of times. But faced with cramped classrooms that are bursting at the seams with all the things a modern teacher requires, this can make the job all the more difficult.

At U Store It, we can offer a range of storage solutions and differently sized units to help teachers ease the burden and get on with educating. Why not contact us today to see how we can help make your job that much easier.