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Running a home service business is always a challenge. Today, with social distancing rules and other restrictions still in place, there are a whole new set of difficulties for a home service business owner to consider.

This is why many home service businesses are turning to self-storage as a cost-effective option that keeps their employees and equipment safe and maintains the efficiency of their operations.

Self-storage – an affordable option for home service businesses

Space is always at a premium with all home service businesses. Whether you run a landscaping, property maintenance, or plumbing company, one consistent factor is the difficulty in finding suitable storage for bulky equipment and the day-to-day supplies required to keep your business running smoothly.

Now, with social distancing still necessary because of the ongoing pandemic, valuable space is at an even greater premium. This is where a self-storage unit can resolve your space problems without having to discard valuable equipment or even lay-off employees.

A self-storage unit doesn’t cost the earth and can be used to store a wide variety of items, including:

  • Bulky equipment
  • Supplies including construction materials
  • Office equipment and furniture
  • Filing cabinets and paperwork
  • Tools

By allowing you to clear space in your workshop, a self-storage unit can save you from having to make harsh business decisions that often don’t make sense in the long term. The freeing up of valuable space also allows you and your employees to work more efficiently without the clutter of a workshop crammed to capacity.

At U Store It, we can provide a cost-effective solution that is tailored to fit your needs exactly. Whether you need a small unit to store excess paperwork and files or a unit capable of storing a host of bulky equipment and construction materials, we can help provide the perfect solution at an affordable price.

A convenient and flexible solution

For many home service and contracting businesses, one major problem that frequently hampers their operations is not having their equipment close at hand when working on projects that are located a distance from their base.

At U Store It, we can help. We have a network of storage facilities across the country that allow you to securely store your equipment at a location close to your project.

This allows you to work more efficiently and can improve profit margins by making sure you spend more time on the job and less time driving back and forth to a distant base to collect tools and equipment.

Having to leave expensive equipment left at unsecured premises is also a constant worry for contractors. All our premises are highly secure with intruder alarms and CCTV to ensure your equipment is always safe.

For more delicate equipment, we can also provide climate-controlled units that keep humidity sensitive items like electronics, tools, paperwork, timber, plasterboard, and other delicate supplies in perfect condition.

Reserve your self-storage unit and optimise your business

At U Store It, we can release your business from the shackles of space constrictions and let you get on with what you do best, running your home service business.

Whether you need a small unit on a short-term basis or a large unit for a long period, we can help. Our customer service team can help you find the perfect solution in the perfect location that can help streamline your operation.

Why not check out our handy unit size guide or give us a call today to find out more about the benefits of a self-storage unit for your business.