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Millennials are endowed with a big technological familiarity and are regarded as the most educated generation to date, much thanks to their easier access to information.

Composed of people born between the years 1982 and 2004, the “Millennial generation” is the biggest age group since the Baby Boomers.

Embracing Technology and Knowledge

Since they have better technological skills to plan their lives than the previous generations, they tend to play the long game when it comes to settlements. They also less likely to settle down and get married early and commit to long-term liabilities such as purchasing a house. They are focused on acquiring as much experience as they can in their fields of work, or even trying diverse careers paths before settling on one. One of the many challenges faced by this generation of young people is the fact that not all economies favour the traditional way of forming a family as it happened with their parents.

This particular situation put millennials in the position of embracing life in minimalistic terms. Most of the time they lease studio-sized apartments, share the living expenses of a place with a roommate or keep living with their parents. Those who are lucky enough to be able to buy a house go for smaller options that don’t offer a lot of space for the totality of their belongings. The good news is that they can benefit a great deal of using a self-storage unit when they are on the move.

One of the most significant traits of this demographic is their non-conforming mindset. Unlike previous generations, millennials are less likely to remain employed on the same location for more than five years.

The Search for Space

Their nomadic lifestyle can be easily maintained if they keep their most valued belongings in a self-storage space ready to move on their say so, especially if they are planning to remain in the same city or if they switch jobs and need to relocate to be close to the workplace. There are more extraordinary cases in this regard since a lot of millennials are used to work remotely, and they barely need to show at their companies at all. With a lifestyle that allows them to work at home they can accumulate a lot of stuff they don’t have space for, that’s why hiring the best storage service can be a lifesaver for them.

Convenient, Accessible, Short-Term

Millennials might well be the first step to the future, but as it happens, they also need their space too. Having a place to store their stuff, keep it safe, easily accessible and without a long-term contract is the perfect solution for the non-committed nomad.

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