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Packing supplies are a godsend. At least that is what many people who like to manage organized processes think when it comes to handling a big move. Packaging your belonging and valuables using the right implements is the best way to make sure nothing gets lost or broken when they get taken to your new storage unit.

Although some moving companies out there offer their own packing supplies for the big day, the best way to go about this is to handle it by yourself; only you are aware of the best way to care for your stuff. We can help you out by listing the supplies you’ll need to have everything packaged the most effective way, so let’s read on:

Gloves and Utility Knife

Safety comes first and being able to handle your belongings as well as the moving supplies with precision requires the right tools. A pair of gloves is the best way to go if you don’t wish to smudge delicate furniture or ornaments. You can choose latex to handle those. If you need to carry moving boxes from one place to another, you can choose a sturdier material, like Knit Cotton grip ones to avoid any object drops or damages to your hands. A utility knife is the best way to go to cut large pieces of bubble wrap, nylon or rope if you need to.

Moving Cardboard Boxes

This is the main supply to carry your items. Make sure to have enough available on all the sizes to handle items according to their condition. Always make a point of using new ones since used boxes tend to lose their sturdiness and will bend or tear more easily. Also, the inconsistency in sizes will make storing your items harder.

Bubble Wrap or Shrink Wrap

These supplies are the sure-fire way to go and protect anything made out of glass or technological pieces that could be damaged by a sudden hit in the moving truck. Use the bubble wrap to safeguard your items and the shrink wrap to hold together your boxes once everything is stored, that way you’ll avoid losing anything.

Dust Covers

They are best used to cover and protect all kinds of furniture from dust, soil and light exposure to water during the transport or storage. They can also help avoid any kind of scratch to synthetic materials or leather.

Specialized Boxes

There are a number of items in your home that need special treatment when they are being packaged to avoid any damage in the moving. Crockery, silverware and high-end China can be stored on special boxes that offer additional support to avoid any type of damage. Clothing can be stored on special wardrobe boxes that come equipped with hangers, perfect for jackets, suits and dresses.


Next to boxes, this is the quintessential item for storing items. It’s always needed to seal most of the boxes and in some cases is used to label them by less expensive means that stand-alone peel labels. It’s also the one item that should always be bought in bulk to avoid a shortage of it.

Nylon Rope

Nylon is one of the most durable materials out there, and it’s able to hold down items that have a lot of weight. It’s also easily knotted, and it can be used to secure down a good number of boxes to avoid shifting and keep everything in place.


This is the third most useful item on the list. Markers are widely used in moving processes to label everything and let you know the content of each box.

As you gather all these supplies make sure you also have some sort of strategy to use them in an orderly fashion. If you have a lot of stuff in your place or if you are storing a lot of items, things are still prone to get lost if you don’t keep track of them. Try to work out the best strategy that suits you.