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The magic of Christmas is almost upon us again. Christmas is a special time of year – Families gather, presents are exchanged, children are enthralled, and far too much food and drink are consumed!

Unfortunately, preparing for the celebrations can be time-consuming, stressful, and chaotic. If this sounds familiar, then perhaps a self-storage unit could be a fantastic early gift to yourself this Christmas. Versatile and convenient, a self-storage unit can ease the Christmas stress for busy homes and businesses alike.

Here are 5 reasons that a self-storage unit can help you enjoy Christmas all the more:

1.    A self-storage unit can ease the burden of a full-house

Christmas time in many households is chaotic and full of clutter. Christmas trees, presents, guests, cupboards & fridges that are all fit to burst, and old Aunty Mary has taken over the spare room – there can be barely a spare inch to spare!

Using a self-storage unit over the Christmas period can ease this burden. Self-storage units don’t cost the earth and are available in a range of sizes. Need to clear a room to make way for Aunty Mary? Self-storage has it covered. Or maybe you just need to store a piece or two of excess furniture – Self-storage can help here too!

2.    Hide presents away, safe from prying eyes and fingers

While the prime suspects here are kids, many adults also like to have a little investigation should they stumble on a hidden present!

A self-storage unit can come to the rescue by providing a completely safe and convenient hiding place to keep them searching and guessing right up to Christmas morning.

This also helps to keep presents in perfect condition. Sheds and attics might seem like clever hiding places, but they are normally cold and damp. Not a great environment to store valuable gifts!

3.    Self-storage can ease the stress on business stockrooms

Christmas is a boom time for many businesses. Understandably, businesses strive to make the most of the Christmas period. For many types of businesses, this means holding more stock than they normally would. This can place a strain on stockrooms and premises and can stop businesses from maximising their opportunities.

Stock storage is a perfect solution. Available for periods of as short as a fortnight, a storage unit is a convenient and cost-effective way for businesses to make the most of the Christmas rush.

4.    Keeping decorations safe for the rest of the year

A self-storage unit needn’t just be for Christmas! Why not free up valuable storage space in your house by using a self-storage unit to store your Christmas decorations and other seasonal items for the rest of the year?

Christmas decorations are increasingly complex and expensive. We may not mind replacing a few straggly strings of tinsel every Christmas. But modern decorations are more complex and expensive. Outside lights, singing Santas, and sleighs with bells that jingle when you walk past all look fantastic – But do you really want to replace them every year?

A self-storage unit can keep them clean, dry, and secure until Christmas comes around again.

5.    Self-storage units are the ultimate wrapping space

Every Christmas inevitably ends up as a “wrapping battle”. Trying to find the space to wrap those big presents, spending an hour looking for the scissors that Aunty Mary borrowed to do her wrapping and promptly lost. And just how do you wrap a giant cuddly toy or bicycle discretely?

A self-storage unit gives you room to breathe and organise your wrapping properly. Of course, it is always a great excuse when things are getting a bit too manic – “I’m just popping out to do some wrapping!”

It is the season of “peace” and goodwill, after all!


Every year Christmas brings us a lot of joy and togetherness. This year why not make the most of the festive period and ease the stress of Christmas with a self-storage unit?

U Store It has units of all sizes available at locations across Ireland and in Belfast. So, whether you need a locker-size unit to store a few presents or a bigger unit to accommodate the stock, large presents, or simply enough space to clear a spare room – We can help! Why not contact us today to find out more about how a self-storage unit can help you this Christmas?

Merry Christmas!