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Summer is almost over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t spend these last couple of weeks enjoying your outdoor space. Nothing is more relaxing than chilling under the sun with a cold drink in your garden after a long day or a stressful week. You invite a few friends over, get some games going, grill some steaks, open a few beers, but then you look around, and it isn’t yet the perfect backyard you envisioned.

The clutter is all piled in the shed, and some furniture needs tidying up or even replacing, and you just don’t know where to start in order to get your garden clutter-free.

Well, we have the tips you need to get your plan going. We can show you how just in a few steps you can maximise your backyard and garden shed space.

1st – Shelving can be a solution

You have stuff spread everywhere in the garden, and your shed is full to the top, we would suggest getting some shelves done or repurpose some old ones you haven’t been giving too much use to. Shelves can free up some of the space and have your items both accessible and out of the way.

And for better practicality, try to organise them by what you use most. In the middle, you can place all that you use more frequently, at easy and quick reach, while leaving the sides and higher shelves for less used items. Remember also to leave the floor level space for heavy equipment to avoid undesired accidents.

2nd – Consider hanging storage

This is not a new method, but it is undoubtedly useful. Maximise your space by hanging some smaller things from the top of the shed, the walls, or other covered areas of your backyard, keeping your items safe from the weather while decluttering the space.

S-hooks are perfect for this. They are a fast and inexpensive way to provide storage for your tools and a great solution to store those items that are always cluttering the shed.

In no time and with minimal spending, although with some elbow grease, your garden is freed up from clutter and breathes new life.

3rd – Make a yard sale

With all this separation and selection of items, you will most likely find no place for some of the things you had in your backyard or your garden. We’re pretty sure you aren’t exactly keen on moving all of it again to your shed and create another pile-up problem there.

The solution? Make a garage sale or catalogue it and place these items on a used online sales platform. This way you can get rid of the clutter and get some extra cash you can use for some new items for your fun new backyard.

Extra tip:

If, however, you don’t want to sell some of the items that don’t have a place in the shed because you cherish them or you think they are not used often but can still come in handy in the future there is another solution for you.

Instead of having them taking space in the shed, take them to your own Storage space. Easily and practically, you can keep your possessions safe and close by.

U Store It is the largest self-storage provider in Ireland and can get you that extra space you crave for and solve your lack of storage headache. Contact us to get a quote for your exact needs.