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Self-storage is such a convenient and cost-effective solution for so many logistical problems facing businesses that, in many instances, businesses that use self-storage consider it a strategic partner.

The benefits that self-storage brings to the table are multifold. This article lists many of them. From cutting costs to safeguarding equipment, from dealing with seasonal variations to offering secure document storage, the versatility of self-storage is almost without limit.

All businesses need to build partnerships to prosper. Using a reputable self-storage company could be one of the most important partnerships they ever require. Here’s why:

It cuts costs

Premises are expensive; the costs soon mount up. Rates, mortgages, maintenance, regulation compliance, amenities, the list of expenses attributed to a business premise is endless.

Most businesses will require some premises to operate from, they are a necessary overhead to some degree. However, the costs can begin to spiral and eat into profit margins when premises are not utilised to their fullest.

Using valuable real estate to simply store equipment is not a cost-effective usage of premises.

This is where self-storage fits the bill perfectly.

It’s a flexible option

A business’s storage needs can vary wildly over time. Seasonal variations, large deliveries of stock and materials, business expansion, there are multiple variables that can affect storage requirements.

This can be difficult to plan for when a business is working from fixed premises only. It can leave large areas of valuable space lying empty for much of the year, or it can leave yards and storage areas dangerously crammed full for long periods.

Self-storage is a scalable option that can be adjusted in real-time to fit your storage needs. Need more space in the winter to store outdoor gear? No problem, all that is needed is a little notice, and your needs are met.

It is difficult to forecast ahead of time just what your needs will be a month down the line, never a year or two in the future. The flexibility that self-storage offers is a boon when it comes to making strategic long-term decisions.

Safe and Secure

Businesses that use high-value equipment or stock expensive goods always have the worry (and expense) of keeping valuable kit safe.

Self-storage options offer layers of security that would otherwise cost a fortune to install. 24/7 CCTV cameras cover the internal and external of all buildings, keypad entrance and a computerised log of who is present in the building at all times add more security.

Also, each unit has individual locks, which the business itself supplies to add another layer of security.


U Store It has locations throughout Ireland, so no matter where you are based, there is a storage facility near you. But, as well as being close by, there are plenty of other features that make this a convenient solution:

  • Loading and unloading – All facilities have plenty of car parking as well as covered loading and unloading bays
  • Accessible – The premises are manned during normal working hours so you can always get access to your gear, out of hours access can also be arranged.
  • Deliveries – Deliveries can be accepted on your behalf, so there is no need to waste valuable time hanging about waiting for that elusive delivery driver to turn up.


Whether you are looking for a space to store excess documents or somewhere to store rarely used tools and machinery, self-storage has it covered.

Storage units can be as small or as large as you require, so no matter whether you just need to free up some office space or store a fleet of lawnmowers during the winter months – there is an option to suit.

Customer service

At U Store It, we understand that a strategic business partnership needs to be a two-way street. That’s why we put a high emphasis on the quality of customer service we provide.

We are here to help you every step of the way, to ensure that we all prosper as we move forward. Our customer service team are always on-hand and willing to bend over backwards to make sure that the service we provide is exactly what you need.

Clean and Dry

Expensive gear kept in storage can throw up some unpleasant surprises if it isn’t stored in an atmosphere that will keep it in the same condition no matter how long it is stored for.

That’s why we put such a high emphasis on the maintenance and cleanliness of our facilities.


Self-storage can make the perfect strategic business partner. Cost-effective, convenient, secure and versatile, it is a fantastic way of keeping overheads down and profit margins up.

At U Store It, we have years of experience in supplying top quality storage solutions to businesses of all sizes. Why not contact us today to find out we can help your business prosper.

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