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What do men want? When was the last time you heard someone ask that question? When’s the last time someone asked you that question? Why is the world obsessed with what women want yet men are left to work things out for themselves?

Men just don’t ask themselves those kind of questions. Usually, we just get on with things. We work, we provide, we rest and we go back to work again. To be seen idle is sinful. So we keep busy or we feel guilty. Life just rolls along and all those things we promised ourselves we’d do just become faint memories. The week goes by and our only refuge is a few beers and a takeaway. But we need more than that. We need our own little sanctuary, a safe haven where we have the freedom to be who we really want to be.

You see a man’s home is often his wife’s castle. He needs his own fortress.



The garage, the shed, the attic, the basement or even a spare room can become your very own man cave. It can be as basic or as spectacular as you like but it’s yours. In a world of distractions, carving out your own little quarter is important.



More and more of you. Since the phrase was first coined in the early ’90s, the man cave concept has spread across the globe. They’ve been embraced by celebrities – men’s men like George Clooney and Brad Pitt – but more and more Irishmen are getting in on the act. We’re starting to realise the importance of having our own space.



It’s simple: sometimes you just need to be own your own. We need our own space because we have our own system for storing things and no one else will understand. We haven’t got time for explanations and even if we did, we wouldn’t want to.



Men don’t just have ‘stuff’. We keep memorabilia, we hold on to things we might need again in the future and we like to indulge our hobbies. We want to have somewhere we can watch the match, play the Xbox or listen to music. Sometimes we just want to become a little boy again for a while.



Men are sick of fighting for their own space. In the past we might have had the luxury of garage or the back garden shed but these days it’s not so easy. Our houses are smaller and we just don’t have enough room anymore. But help is at hand.

At U Store It, you can create the spare room you’ve always wanted. Use the extra space to de-clutter the house so you can turn your existing spare room into your man cave or you might like to create your very own man cave in one of our safe and secure storage spaces. We have a range of spaces available – from the size of a wardrobe to a warehouse – and for as long as you need.


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