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As anyone who has ever moved house will tell you, the process of upping sticks and relocating to a new home can be an extremely stressful process. With the right advice however, packing for a big move can become a lot less arduous. Here we explore some of the best practice packing tips.

Plan Ahead & Pack Early

Preparation is key in all aspects of the moving process and packing is no different. You should begin by making a priority checklist which should be based around the following:

  • Taking time to sort through your possessions to decide which items you wish to keep and which ones you wish to donate to charity or discard with.
  • Calculating how many boxes you will need and the average size of each one. U Store It have a great range of packing boxes of all size to cater for every item.
  • Choosing which other packing supplies you will need including: bubble wrap, packing tape, labels & dust covers.

One frequent mistake that many people make when moving home is putting off their packing until the last minute. This is NOT recommended, packing is stressful enough without the added pressure of time constraints. Try to plan, organise and pack everything early on a day-by-day basis leaving only the essentials until last.

Use The Right-Sized Boxes

When packing your items it is important to pack them into the most suitable boxes available. Heavy items such as books should go into smaller boxes while lighter items such as linen, curtains & pillows should go into larger boxes. The bigger the box the more difficult it is to carry so always keep the load light.

It’s also important to make make sure that every bit of space in each box is filled while taking caution not to overfill – or underfill. Many removals companies will actually refuse to accept boxes in this condition.

Tape Boxes Properly

We’ve all seen it on television or in a comedy film, some poor hapless person lifts up a box only for the bottom of the box to give way at the bottom. In reality however this can be an absolute nightmare and can cause some of your items to break or become damaged. Then there’s the mess to clean up!

This is why it is essential to tape the bottom of the box 2-3 times over to help support the weight above it. Always make sure to use the highest quality packing tape. It will make a huge difference in preventing any unnecessary accidents.

Label Everything

This is important as it helps you to remain organized at all times, especially when it comes to unpacking in your new home. For example, if you have a number of boxes containing delicate valuables then make sure to label them as such and colour code them.

This will indicate to the delivery company to handle the box with extra care and help them to understand what’s inside.

Be Delicate With Breakables

There’s nothing more frustrating than breaking one of your finest dishes or ornaments. So just imagine the horror of breaking a whole box of the them!

Before you pack your valuables make sure to line the inside of the box with bubble wrapping.  Use plenty of paper for padding and wrap glassware & larger items with an old item of clothing or towel. Always put dishes on their side and never flat, place cups and bowls inside each other also.