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The UK is expected to leave the European Union at midnight on Friday, March 29th  2019 at midnight.

Even with the current uncertainty about the actual date, Companies in the UK have to assess and mitigate the likely impact on themselves and their customers under a variety of potential outcomes. 

What could happen

Trade Rules – Britain would no longer be bound by EU rules, but instead, the World Trade Organisation (WTO) rules on trade and face external EU tariffs on trade – increasing costs.

People – Immigration Rules – The UK will be free to set its own rules on EU nationals in the country and the same for Britons abroad. As a bare minimum, longer delays at borders for passport and customs checks are to be expected with a concern over people’s rights to live and work in each territory.

EU Subsidies – Many industries will feel the financial loss of the many EU subsidy programs that currently exist for UK companies.

The Irish Border – An unresolved issue that could see the return of customs and immigration checks for trade and movement between Northern Ireland and the Republic.

Every day seems to bring a new development but even more confusion.  This continued uncertainty is no good for businesses.  In recent months we’ve seen a number of companies leave the UK or reduce their business operations, such as Schaeffler who have closed two factories, Nissan who have cancelled new developments in the UK and the exodus of the financial sector. Doubtlessly many others are considering their options.

If a no-deal Brexit occurs, no one quite knows what effects this will have on the UK, within Europe or across the world.  We are hearing more and more about contingency planning for this eventuality, and here at U Store It are delighted to be able to offer our services and solutions to UK companies for a “No Deal” Brexit.

Who We Are

U Store It has custom-built storage facilities around Ireland, all located close to our major seaports and airports.  We have four centres in Dublin, as well as one in Cork and one in Waterford.

What we offer

U Store It can provide secure, cost-effective storage space for UK Companies that need to maintain a trading base within the EU.  We can provide storage space in a range of sizes.  Book short-term or long-term and at very competitive rates.

Service & Supply

We understand the fundamental objectives of affected businesses to ensure continuity of service and supply and to minimise any delays from their suppliers or to their customers.

Consideration should be given to increasing production to make sure you have an ample supply of finished products, ensuring your certification complies with relevant EU bodies and you are offay with custom duty requirements.

What you need to know

In the event of “No Deal” you may need to allow for the following:

  • Increased order lead times
  • Additional fees to cover duties, tariffs and associated costs

We will of course continue to monitor and review our position as more information becomes available and assure all of our customers that we are doing everything we can to limit the impact to them.

For and on behalf of U Store It Ltd