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People love spending time outdoors, whether participating in sporting adventures or merely enjoying nature and soaking up the natural scenery of the great outdoors.

Spending time outside helps to relieve tiredness and stress and is excellent for both our mental and physical health.

Unfortunately, some people are unable to venture outside despite loving and enjoying the outdoors and are forced for medical reasons or others to remain indoors for the majority of the time. Creating their own little private oasis in their house can provide them with a few of the advantages of outdoor spaces even if they aren’t outside.

Here are some ways you can turn your home into a natural oasis:

  • Tropical Indoor gardens

This may seem impossible, but it isn’t. It’s actually rather simple to create an indoor tropical garden. You just need the right kind of plants to do it. Invest in some tropical plants like the Areca Palm, Bamboo Palm, or even large leaf ones like the Monstera Deliciosa. You can find them in any garden centre, and you will see what a noticeable difference it makes to your home interior.

Most people will keep the plants in their pots when creating an indoor garden, but bedding boxes are also an excellent option for those who want to elaborate further. The only rule of thumb here is to ensure that you change to larger pots as the plants grow so that the roots have plenty of space to flourish.

Remember that your indoor tropical plants will need plenty of watering. You may need to use something other than a simple watering can if you have a big garden. In that case, an automatic irrigation system might be a better option.

  • Wooden furniture

Nothing beats the feel of wooden furniture. Metal and plastic just don’t give you that natural look we are aiming for.

Wood is also very sturdy and versatile; it can be stained, painted and treated many times over.

If you like to have a go at DIY, many people create some wonderful unique pieces of furniture only by purchasing the wood, or by using salvaged wood such as pallets.

And to provide room inside for your new wooden furniture, why not use furniture storage to safely store all the extra pieces?

  • Water features

There is no more relaxing feeling than the sound of trickling water. Nothing says natural oasis like a water feature which is why many people love adding them to their homes or gardens.

Again, you can buy water features from almost any garden centre or online, but some people opt to make their own.

You are free to let your imagination run wild by incorporating waterfalls, ponds and fountains. Be sure to keep the water clean by using a submersible pump, a filter system (if necessary) and a drop of chlorine from time to time.

  • Feature walls

If you desire the great outdoors and want to bring that feeling inside, but without all the fuss, a great way to achieve it is with a feature wall.

By hanging wallpapers or tapestries that offer that outdoor feeling, you can create your outdoor oasis indoors. Look for designs featuring greenery, lakes or tropical gardens. There are many designs and colours available, something to suit all and all types of decor.

  • Adding more green elements to your home decor

Ok, this may seem like the obvious, but it’s a great way to bring a feeling of outdoors into the home, and it is very simple too. Just add more green to the decor, including wall coverings, paintwork, furniture, or soft furnishings and don’t forget about the flooring. Add some natural flooring such as wooden floors and a green rug.

Add some natural flair into your home today. Try some of the above tips and create your very own natural oasis.