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Small apartments or houses are usually easy to organize, but not necessarily easy when you don’t plan the furniture and storage space well ahead of time. A little bit of décor reassessing and some creative organizing ideas for your apartment can bring some space and peace to your mind.

Here are our organizing ideas for a small apartment or house:

Storage Space

Improve your storage options by choosing furniture that lets you effectively use the empty space under beds and coffee tables. In the kitchen, use that extra cabinet space by placing stackable shelves in the cabinets. For space above the shelves, a small DIY apartment organizing tip is to have baskets or even another shelf, depending on the stuff you have and space there is available.

Smart Furniture

Choosing furniture that transforms to accommodate more people and study tables that expand for extra space, when necessary. An extendable dinner table will ensure you have space to host a dinner party for ten or just a quiet family dinner for four. Nesting tables are a good option for living rooms and family rooms. Slightly smaller than each other, storing them is easy-peasy and when needed you can host a whole party.

Extendable Dining Table

Extendable Dining Table

Kitchen Shelving Storage

Kitchen Shelving Storage

Bedroom Storage

Bedroom Storage

Kids’ Toys

Organizing and decorating your child’s room is better when done with them and from their point of view. Label baskets and toy tubs with fun size stickers make organization fun. Another DIY apartment organizing tip would be to use curtains with open shelves for toys and books storage. Place seldom-used toys and fragile items right at the top and regularly used items and favourite toys at the bottom. Clear tubs or containers to store belongings would make it easier to understand where everything goes.

Self-Storage Space

Another crucial thing would be to plan and have only the belongings and furniture that you would need, more so if it’s a temporary stay in the smaller space. Extra furniture, holiday decorations and other things that you might not need on a daily basis can always be stored at a self-storage facility. Rent out a self-storage space to temporarily store (or for long term) your furniture and other personal effects. Whenever you want to change the look and feel of space, exchange the furniture and bring in the new look!

With a few easy adjustments and some DIY apartment organizing your small living space will go a lot further. Just keep your eyes open for those empty-possibly-storage spaces at home and smart furniture at the shops.


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