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For many children, summer is the best part of the year, but the sad truth is that it ends way too quickly. And you know what that means? Of course, it means that school is starting again and it’s time to do some proper shopping!

Regardless of whether your child is entering a new school or simply advancing to the next grade level, there are a lot of things that you need to buy – water bottles, lunch bags, backpacks, shoes, clothes, books and (obviously) basic school supplies.

The end of summer is a perfect time to visit a self storage provider. Down below, we will provide several tips that you have to consider if you want the new school year to begin with as little stress as possible. Even more importantly, you can also use these tips to prevent your house from being overrun with old-school materials.

Dispose of your old school supplies and related items as quickly as possible

As we mentioned above, you need to get rid of the old school books and supplies before they become a major issue. Yes, decluttering can be very stressful, but sooner or later, every parent has to do it.

First off, make sure you collect any old artwork, paper, and school projects that you can find. Place them into separate folders and, after that, put them in a plastic tube. If you have a lot of old papers inside, you may want to apply some silica gel inside the tub in order to protect them from humidity.

There are plenty of families who might need some of these items, so it’s a good idea to get in touch with them once you are done with decluttering. For the rest, the best option is to book a self-storage unit and place them there.

Always stash the project supplies for your child

Let’s face it, plenty of children only start their school projects one day before the deadline. In fact, many adults do the exact same thing as well. In a typical scenario, you will find out that your child has to finish an important project by the next morning. But even though you had told them that they should always work on their projects weeks before the deadline, they decided to wait until the very last minute. And, of course, at that point in time, they’re unable to do it due to the lack of materials, so it’s up to you to save the day.

Technically, it’s not your obligation to take care of their problems, especially if you’ve warned them before. The best way to deal with this issue is to keep a stash of project supplies so that your child can use it to finish what they started without your direct input.

Be organised

Organisation is the key to a successful school year. The older your child is, the more organised they need to be (the same thing applies to their parents). If you have a really young child, they can do their homework right at the kitchen table. But if you have an older child, they should certainly do all of their school work in their own room. As soon as the child is old enough, you don’t have to watch over them all the time. They can already become independent enough to finish their duties in their own private space.

In case you have multiple children, you should get some plastic drawers for each of them. You should also mark them properly (with a label) so that every child knows which drawer they can use. These drawers can store many different supplies so that they are easily accessible at a later point in time. It’s a cheap yet very effective way to keep everything in check.

As you can see, organisation is everything! The more you organise your child’s school assets, the better for both of you.

Establish a proper “school-home” routine

One major reason why many children are anxious when they go to school is the lack of a proper routine. Luckily, it’s an issue that you can resolve very easily.

If your child is waiting for you to wake them up, try to change that. Teach them how to set up the alarm clock on their own so that they can wake up at whatever time suits them the most. Once they wake up, they should do all the needed preparations before they go to school. They should dress up, have breakfast, brush their teeth, pack everything they need, and, at that point in time, they can leave. The child may be very slow at first, but don’t worry. Just make them repeat the same activities over and over until they become as natural as breathing. As soon as you make a firm schedule, nothing will be able to break it anymore!

We hope that you now understand how important self-storage units can really be. Not only are they affordable, but they come in a wide range of sizes providing plenty of space for all kinds of different assets. Get your U Store It self-storage unit today!