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Many of us don’t like to throw things away, so over the years we keep accumulating and adding more and more stuff to our own homes and workplaces. The problem is that we don’t even notice it until we don’t have a single inch of space for the things that really matter. When this happens, it’s time to take a moment and single out what we really want to keep and what needs to be thrown away.

Usually, among all this stuff there is still valuable items that needs to be stored properly either because its related to our jobs or because it is a personal item that has meaning to us.

After getting through the things we want to keep, it’s time to use a self-storage space solution. The best part is that there are units of all sizes and you can even organise your belongings on a storage unit that is no bigger than 25 square feet, comparable in size to a walk-in closet.

And just what are these items that take so much space from our households or offices? How can we benefit by placing them on a small storage unit? Here are some examples:

  • Crockery, Tableware and small Appliances

No one notices how many tableware they accumulate until the cabinets are full of at least 3 different sets of dishes. You probably might need them for big events, but the rest of the year a single set is more than enough for your home, so the rest can go to your storage unit. If you only use that ice cream machine or slow cooker a few times a year, save counter space by also moving them to a storage unit.

  • Seasonal Clothing, Ornaments and Outdoor Gear

If you live in a region where the four seasons hit like clockwork, you probably have a set of clothes for every specific season. Christmas or Easter decorations, along with golf clubs, tennis rackets, fishing tackle and camping gear, also take up a lot of valuable space in your garage or attic. All these items are better kept out of your way in a storage unit and retrieved when the time comes to use them again.

  • Unused Items

There are things that might lose their value to you over time, but they are just too valuable to throw away such as outdated technology or clothes that you no longer use. You can place all these items in a storage unit and retrieve them later to do a garage sale to get some profit from them, or to donate them to a charity organisation.

  • Paperwork and Supplies

This works in both scenarios: on the personal side, you probably don’t want in you home anything to do with old tax-related paperwork that you still need to keep, so you can place these documents in your storage unit and retrieve them if necessary. If you are a business owner with limited office space, it’s also a suitable solution. You can throw into the equation any office supplies that are occupying valuable space that can be used in a more efficient and profitable way.

  • Collectibles and Hobby related Items

No matter the fandom you belong to, if you are a collector you probably deal with a lot of items that can get in the way of your personal space. You can use a storage unit along some shelving space to get your items and supplies organised as best as you can in the best conditions possible.