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For small business managers, it is essential to keep expenditures as low as possible. On the other hand, there’s also a reoccurring search for storage space – to store equipment, stock, and others – and that comes at a price.

Ideally, you would have a non-compromised area for storage that you don’t have to go bigger or smaller than you need and at a reasonable cost. And that’s exactly what you can find with self-storage.

If you’re still unsure if commercial self-storage is the right solution for your business, here are some benefits that booking a self-storage unit can bring to your company:

Simplifies tracking of inventory

Inventory may be hard to keep track of when it’s scattered all over the business premises. Many businesses don’t have storage rooms available with dedicated shelves for their inventory. Also, many other businesses are run from home, and their space can get even more scarce.

Booking a self-storage unit will give your company the dedicated space you were looking for while reducing the clutter in your office or home and making daily management that much more efficient. Moreover, when hiring us as storage providers, we offer free package acceptance. If you wish, we can drop them at your unit or even hold them in our office for you to pick up, whatever suits you best. This is only one of the ways a storage unit will simplify your business.

It’s more cost-efficient than using a larger retail or storage space

All businesses are running on a budget, bigger or smaller sized, and making the most out of that budget makes the difference when it comes to results.  Be smart with your funds, and instead of lunging into a fixed contract for an expensive lot with more size than you really need, contact one of our self-storage facilities and find the right space for your business needs. Going for exactly what you require will ensure you aren’t going overboard and deep into your business funds.

Guaranteed Safety and Security

Your equipment and inventory are two large portions of the investment and value of your company. The more commercial value they have, the bigger risk of theft they present.

Self-storage unit facilities are surveilled 24/7, locked with coded gates, fireproofed and surrounded with perimeter fences, put in place to keep thieves far away. All this is to ensure that clients have all the peace of mind in the world.


When running a business, making the most of time and energy is essential. Having your inventory conveniently located close by at a self-storage facility near you is a huge advantage.

It’s the perfect storage solution for all businesses

Whether you run an e-commerce operation or work as an independent artisan, having storage space to keep your inventory in the safest condition and out of the way is necessary. A commercial self-storage unit will enable you to store all sorts of inventory your business is based on while keeping it climatised, protected from the elements or theft and maintaining them organised in one practical location.

U Store It Self Storage Solutions for Businesses

Self-storage is an inexpensive solution for inventory storage or any other type of storage for businesses of all sizes. At U Store It, we have available multiple sizes and shapes of units throughout Ireland, meaning we can help your business regardless of its size, location or industry. From construction to marketing companies, every business needs space for storage, and self-storage is the perfect, cost-efficient solution to answer that need.

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